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Northern Crown Tour Plan: Chiang Mai / Chiang Rai / Lampang – 8 days/8 nights


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8 days/8 nights
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Explore The Best of Northern Thailand Over 6 Days and 5 Nights



This exciting new tour route through northern Thailand includes Lampang area – which is close to both Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai – and offers a wide variety of great attractions, though it is unknown to most tourists. As its name suggests, the ‘Northern Crown’ tour also features the best attractions and activities Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai have to offer. As in all TipTop private Luxury tours, accommodation is provided in the best resorts available in each area, and all activities (ziplines, rafting, ATV tours etc.) are included in the tour price, which also includes experienced tour guides, travel by VIP van, carefully selected restaurants with free selection from their menus.

Our private tours in northern Thailand are designed to provide our travelers with an exciting experience of the authentic north, and introduce them to its beautiful, unseen and non-commercialized side, while straying away from the standard, redundant routes that are packed full of tourists. We enable our travelers to explore the north with the same high standards that characterize all our tours throughout Thailand, across its various regions.

This extensive, exquisite tour will take you to explore 3 areas in northern Thailand:

  • Chiang Mai’s excellent attractions: Doi Inthanon, the most famous national park in northern Thailand, Buathong Waterfalls (unique waterfalls that are commonly known as ‘the sticky waterfalls’) quality ziplines, excellent rafting, 2-hour ATV tour and more.
  • Chiang Rai’s excellent attractions: The White Temple, Tea Plantations, The Queen’s Gardens (including Sky Walk) and more exciting new attractions.
  • Lampang’s excellent attractions: this area near Chiang Mai abounds with various attractions that have yet to be discovered by the tourist crowds.

This is a perfect family tour through northern Thailand – an unforgettable experience that will bring the whole family together, providing you with amazing memories!!


  • This luxury tour is completely private and its route is tentative – you can customize every aspect and adapt every component of the tour plan to better suit your needs and wishes, and create the ultimate, extensive tour – tailor made just for you!
  • The luxury tour is private and as such, is carried out in your pace, so the timeline is rather flexible (however, please make sure to coordinate it with us in advance).


Please note: the tour plans do not include tourist traps as ‘the golden triangle’, cheap tourist shows of the ‘long neck’, animal shows and other redundant (though popular) ‘attractions’ that are common among the standard tourist trips. Additionally – we have chosen the most professional companies and safest operators to provide our selected activities!!


  • I strongly oppose any type of animal abuse; hence the tour plans intentionally excludes elephant rides with a bench on the animal’s back or animal shows such as drawing elephants.
  • The tour plan includes a visit to the only governmental, non-profit elephant farm, which includes the first of its kind elephant hospital, and cares for the white elephants that belong to the king of Thailand.
  • All the tours to the north include an overnight stay in a high-quality hotel in Chiang Mai on the night that precedes the tour; the tour price includes the accommodation in a high-quality hotel by the night bazaar, or an excellent, new hotel in the modern area of Chiang Mai (Nimman). The choice between the two is yours.
  • A representative of Tiptop-Travel Private Luxury Tours will welcome you in the airport, drive you to the hotel you’ve picked, and assist you in everything you may need. Of course, I will personally meet you upon your arrival to Bangkok, and remain available to assist you if needed throughout the tour.
  • Lodging will take place at 5-star hotels (where such exist) and the best resorts available in each area, throughout the tour route.
  • Please be advised: You should try to refrain from visiting northern Thailand from March – May/June due to the bad, and possibly terrible, weather conditions: heavy heat, dryness, burnt fields and haze (which may be heavy and even cause lung diseases). Hence, we decided not to carry out the tours to northern Thailand during this time of the year.



Included With The Tour


Personal Assistance


  • A representative of Tiptop-Travel Private Family Adventure Tours will welcome you immediately as you land in Bangkok, and assist you in the first couple of minutes, following your arrival.
  • A personal meeting with us will be held in Bangkok prior to the extensive tour; We will provide you with assistance and guidance in every matter.
  • We equip our travelers with all they need for the tour (free, no charge) – big towels, waterproof bags for the cruises, raincoats, first aid kits, and more.
  • Personal supervision and guidance by me throughout the entire tour – we are happy to lend our travelers cellular phones so they can keep in touch with me throughout their entire visit to Thailand.
  • Personal assistance provided by us throughout your entire visit to Thailand – from the minute you land until the moment you take off on your way back home.
  • Opportunity to receive various bonuses designed exclusively for our travelers, such as special offers and discounts in excellent hotels, assistance in transportation, and additional advantages.


VIP Van & Professional Driver


  • All of Tip-Top Travel’s private luxury tours are carried out in a VIP van, for your comfort, ease, and pleasure.
  • The VIP van – a 9-seat vehicle, where each traveler’s seat is wide, comfortable, and adjustable. The innovative vehicle is well equipped with advanced audio and video (LCD) systems, which allow you to watch movies during the ride.
  • We recommend bringing your favorite movies from home, and particularly kids’ shows/films.
  • Cold water and moist towels (available in the van).
  • A professional driver.




  • 5-star hotels (where such exist) and the best resorts available in each area.
  • Overnight stay in a high-quality hotel in Chiang Mai on the night that precedes the tour. You can pick one of the following accommodations: an excellent hotel by the night bazaar, or a new, high-quality hotel in the modern part of Chiang Mai (Nimman).


Tour Guide/Activities


  • Certified, English-speaking tour guide (good English level; certificate of the Tourism Authority of Thailand), personally handpicked by yours truly.
  • Admission fees to all the sites, national parks, and reserves in the tour plan.
  • All the activities that are detailed in the tour plan.


Breakfast & Lunch


  • Breakfast every day of the tour (included in the high-quality hotels and resorts along the tour route).
  • Lunch in every day of the tour (carefully picked restaurants and free choice from their menus including fish and seafood, soft drinks, and fruit-shakes. Excluding alcoholic beverages).
  • Dinners are not included in the tour price, but if you’d like, our lovely tour guide will be happy to take you (in the comfortable van) to a recommended local restaurant and assist you in choosing your dish.



About TipTop Travel and Service Co., Ltd


The luxury private tour includes a fully equipped VIP van, manned by professional drivers, Accommodation is provided in 5-star hotels (where such exist) or in the best hotels/resorts available along the tour route, delicious lunches in hand-picked restaurants, and free choice from their menus, including a free supply of soft-drinks and fruit- shakes. Experienced tour guides who were carefully chosen by us, personal supervision, and daily accompaniment by yours truly. Tiptop Travelers will also receive special offers and discounts for exceptional, high-quality hotels across Bangkok and in various resort sites. In addition, we are happy to lend our travelers cellular phones so they can keep in touch with me throughout their entire visit to Thailand, for any assistance, guidance, and direction they may need.

This luxury tour is completely private and its route is tentative – you can customize every component of the tour plan to better suit your needs and wishes, and create the ultimate extensive tour – tailor-made just for you!


Northern Crown Tour Plan: Chiang Mai / Chiang Rai / Lampang – 8 days/8 nights


Total: 56810

Accompanied service

5* Hotel Accommodation Personal Assistance VIP Van Tour Guide


Pre-Tour: A TipTop Travel representative will welcome you at Chiang Mai airport, and take you to the excellent hotel where you will spend the night** travel and luxury accommodation (in a 5-star hotel) in Chiang Mai are included in the tour price.

Day 1, Departure: We will start off our tour with Doi Inthanon, the most famous national park in northern Thailand. Our visit to the park will begin with an easy, comfortable walking track of 2 hours, which suits couples, groups and families with young children. The walk passes along the beautiful Pha Dok Siew waterfall with its 10 levels, in the rich, lush nature of the area. The track ends in an authentic village of mountain tribes, where you can experience traditional coffee making and of course, have a taste. Next, we will visit “the king’s project” and enjoy a lovely lunch in a handpicked restaurant (the free choice from the menu includes soft drinks and fruit-shakes in all our lunch meals throughout the tour). Then, we will visit the king and queen’s pagodas – a marvelous area with 2 spectacular pagodas that were built to honor the king and Queen’s birthdays, with a lovely garden that stretches between them. Our visit to the national park has more to offer, and so, we will finish it on top! We will drive up to the top of Doi Inthanon mountain – the highest mountain in Thailand – which towers to a staggering height of 2,565 meters (don’t forget warm clothes during the winter time) for a short tour at the mountain top and some pictures to capture the experience. We will also visit Wachiratan waterfall and stop by a lovely, authentic local market. Concluding the day: we will head back to the city of Chiang Mai and stay at the same high quality, 5-star hotel where you spent the previous night (that preceded the tour).

Day 2 (Morning): We will start off our day by departing from Chiang Mai and taking a short ride to Lampang province, which abounds with attractions, yet is unknown to most tourists. Our first stop will be the Thai Elephant Conservation Center: This remarkable non-profit elephant farm is the only one in Thailand owned by the government, which was established with the sponsorship of the Thai king. The Elephant Reservation Center, which was established in 1993, is a world leader in researching and treating elephants and even includes an Elephant hospital!! You can be assured that the elephants here receive the best treatment and care, so you’ve come to the right place. The Thai Elephant Conservation Center in Lampang covers a large area of lovely nature. There, we will spend quality time with the elephants and feed them, we will visit the elephant hospital and partake in some of the activities held there. Once we finish our visit, a 30-minute drive will get us to the province capital – the city of Lampang – where we will enjoy lunch in an excellent restaurant that we have handpicked for you (the free choice from the menu includes soft drinks and fruit-shakes).

Day 2 (Afternoon): After lunch one of the famous attractions of the city awaits us – the famous ceramics factories that export their beautiful products to many places across the world. We will visit one of the oldest, most famous ceramics factories, where we will follow a guided tour and observe the production process. We can also decorate ceramics in our own handcraft – a great souvenir of the lovely visit. The next Lampang attraction along our route is the horse carriages –consider Lampang is the only city in Thailand providing this unique means of travel. This made the city known as ‘The Horse Carriages City’ (Muang Rot Ma) – it is one of its most prominent symbols. After a horse-carriage-tour in the city streets we will settle in a lovely resort tucked in beautiful nature, with a large lake graced by lotus flowers and of course featuring a nice swimming pool. We will spend the night there, at Lampang. For dinner, you can either dine at the resort restaurant (dinners are not included in the tour price), or if you’d prefer – we can take you out for a great pizzeria or Thai restaurant in the city. Should you stay in Lampang on a Saturday/Sunday – we’ll gladly take you to the local Weekend Market – an authentic market which is famous for its unique atmosphere and surrounding scenery.

Day 3: This day will be dedicated to exploring wonderful and unique attractions in Lampang’s lovely natural setting. We will visit an extraordinary Strawberry Farm, which is a great location for taking marvelous pictures, then a short drive will get us to one of the most beautiful national parks in northern Thailand.Chae Son National Park is where I found two lovely attractions next to each other, and you are welcome to enjoy both!! the most beautiful hot springs in Thailand are there, as well as a lovely 6-stairs waterfall that is tucked in the beautiful natural surroundings. Although Lampang province is very close to both Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai – you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that in these wonderful places there are hardly any tourists, but only locals. I hope that the mass tour organizers and their crowds will not discover and ruin these lovely places – so I highly recommend visiting there now, before it happens. The visit to Chae Son National Park includes lunch at a lovely restaurant we’ve managed to find with a little help from locals. As usual, you are welcome to enjoy a free, unlimited selection from the restaurant menu, as well as a beautiful local café. At the end of the park visit, we’ll drive to Mae Kamphong area in Chiang Mai province, where we will settle in a high-quality resort to spend the night.

Day 3 (Options): Please note: on this day you can include 2 more attractions: 1. The impressive Lanna style temple of Phra That Lampang Luang – one of the most famous attractions in the city. 2. The temple in the sky: Wat Chaleom Phra Kiat is one of Lampang’s precious secrets. this hidden gem is unknown to many locals and the wide public just recently began to discover it. The unique temple – there’s nothing quite like it across the entire Thailand – has white and golden pagodas that built on the tips of giant cliffs. If you’ll be visiting there –truly breathtaking landscape will be waiting for you. Also, please consider: the climb up to the cliff on which the temple is built takes some 30 minutes, in a comfortable path, though it requires certain physical effort. Climbing up, going down and visiting the place takes time, so if you are interested in adding the experience to your daily tour plan – it requires waking up and starting your day earlier.

Day 4 (Morning, Afternoon): We will start the day by visiting a wonderful attraction – a coffee shop built entirely on the branches of a huge tree. We will enjoy a soft drink or cup of coffee while watching the lovely view, and then venture on a unique and fun experience through a twisting route in a sledge on wheels. As the fun is guaranteed, we’ve included two rounds for each of you, all set in advance!! We will then head towards Chiang Rai, and dine on a delicious lunch in a hand-picked restaurant. As always, you can enjoy a free choice of the restaurant menu. Then, one of the most beautiful temples in Thailand awaits – Saeng Khao, which will be covered in a separate review soon. The amazing temple is unknown to tourists, providing visitors with a sense of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ experience; I find it more impressive and intriguing than the white temple we will visit tomorrow. Another short ride will bring us to an excellent hotel – the best of Chiang Rai – where we will settle for relaxation, swimming in the pool etc.

Day 4 (Evening): For dinner, you will dine in the night bazaar or in one of the good local restaurants which we will gladly recommend (dinner is not included in the tour price). Accommodation – excellent Chiang Mai hotel.

Day 5: This day will be dedicated to exploring Chiang Rai area – The White Temple, Tea Plantations, Queen’s Gardens (including Sky Walk), Mae Salong pass and further optional attractions that you can include such as “The Blue Temple” and more. At the end of today’s route, we will head back to our excellent hotel, enjoy its beautiful pool, relax, get a massage or simply rest. For dinner, you can dine in the hotel or if you prefer – visit the night bazaar once more or enjoy one of the good local restaurants which we will gladly recommend (dinner is not included in the tour price). Accommodation – the same excellent Chiang Rai hotel where the previous night was spent. Please note: the tour plan intentionally excludes tourist traps such as ‘the golden triangle’, cheap tourist shows of the ‘long neck’ and other redundant (though popular) ‘attractions’ that are common among the standard tourist trips – but if you would like to include those, we can easily add them.

Day 6: This day marks the shift from Chiang Rai, as we move on to the nearby Chiang Mai, where our first stop will be Tha Ton temple – a highly impressive temple on a high hill that overlooks the entire area spread beneath. Next, we will head to Chiang Dao cave – a complex of some 1000 caves that are connected to one another. The cave chain stretches underneath a mountain chain along some 120 km with multiple passes and halls, that only few of them are open to the public. In fact, only 5 caves are open for visit; 2 of them are lit so it is possible to explore them on your own, and 3 others are dark and require a local guide to lead the way with a flashlight. Next, we will take a short drive to Mae Taeng area, where we will stop at a lovely restaurant for a delicious lunch in a beautiful natural setting. After lunch, an ATV tour awaits us in the beautiful local setting, and once we finish it, we will check in a lovely resort in the area.

Day 7: This day will be dedicated to more fun activities in the area. In the morning, we will venture for a rafting experience on the Mae Taeng river which flows around, and then enjoy a safe, quality zipline activity, which goes across the river. Please note: for the local activities, we only use internationally authorized operators, for the utmost safety and zero accidents. Following the activity, I highly recommend visiting a spectacular temple, that appears as though it was taken from a Disney feature (kids will also adore it) – Wat Ban Den. If you are tired, you can head back to the lovely resort, enjoy the swimming pool and get some rest. FYI: for those who like positive, beneficial activities with elephants – there is an option for an extra day (with an extra charge) which will be dedicated to the program “being Mahout for a day”, where each traveler cares for an elephant for a day; feeding it, bathing with it, enjoying a nature track (without a bench!). Lunch will be provided as an outdoor picnic in the natural surroundings. You can also do a half-day program instead of one of the daily activities for that day or the following day (for an extra charge).

Day 8: This final day of the tour will be an extra fun day of activities and attractions in the lovely natural setting of Chiang Mai, as well as unique, quality happenings in the city itself. Following our breakfast, we will drive to the unique and beautiful Buathong waterfall, where you can climb up thanks to their pastiness, which made them famous as “the sticky waterfall”. In certain seasons, and after prior coordination (for an additional cost),you may include abseiling as part of your visit. Our tour will then continue to the city of Chiang Mai, where we will dine in a handpicked restaurant, enjoying a free selection of the restaurant menu. After lunch, our next activity will be a fun 20-minute tour in a bicycle rickshaw, across the old city of Chiang Mai. We will then arrive at the famous temple of Wat Chedi Luang, which you are welcome to explore by including a tour – if you’d like. A short drive will bring us to Doi Suthep temple – a very impressive site, overlooking the city of Chiang Mai, and one of the most sacred temples in northern Thailand. The temple is very close to the Suthep mountain top, some 15 km west of Chiang Mai. A winding road will bring you to the foot of the temple; from there, it’s possible to climb up 300 stairs (if you insist) – but fear not – we will use an elevator/cable car which will take you up to the highest level where the temple is located. At the end of the visit, we will go down the elevator/cable-car or take the long way through the stairs (for your choice on site).

Day 8, Return: If you’ve booked a flight for the evening, we will take you straight to the airport ** it is recommended to book a flight that departs later than 7 PM (you’ll have to be in the airport an hour earlier). Independent overnight stays in Chiang Mai; we will be happy to assist you in booking a hotel. Fly from Chiang Mai to Bangkok or to the south – at the end of the tour, we will get you straight to the airport.

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Additional Information

Tour Operator

Planned by Dr. David; Executed by Tip Top Travel and Service Co. Ltd.

Time of Year

July to March; requires pre-booking.

Daily Timeline

The estimated departure time to begin the daily activity is 8:30 AM; the estimated time to conclude it is 5:00 PM or later – if evening activities are included in the daily tour plan. *Option to prolong the tour beyond 8 nights is available.


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