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Discover Southern Thailand #1 – From Bangkok – 6 days / 5 nights


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6 days/5 nights
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Multi-Day Tour
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Explore The Best of Southern Thailand Over 6 Days and 5 Nights



The plan of the following luxury tour is designed only for those who have very little time but still want to get a taste of the journey to southern Thailand (Amphawa, Hua Hin and more). The tour plan features Amphawa attractions (Amphawa Train Market (“Folding Umbrella Market”) and the unusual swimming monkeys, a picnic in the middle of the sea), a fun evening in Hua Hin including a visit to its famous night bazaar, the beautiful Ao Manao bay with the shy, cute langur monkeys and more.

More importantly, this basic, yet luxurious private tour provides the best attractions of southern Thailand: Kao Sok National Park and Cheow Lann lake – one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, the amazing Phang Nga Bay and the famous island of James Bond, and the beautiful Krabi beaches and islands – the natural highlights of the south.

In southern Thailand, the finest attractions will be waiting for us – and you won’t find such amazing combinations anywhere else in Thailand! ATV tours, canoe boats, walking tracks and elephant rides, snorkeling, kayaks, inflatable tubes, the best white-water rafting in Thailand, sailing in a private speedboat among Krabi’s beautiful islands and shores, and of course, Krabi’s excellent ziplines , which you can include in the various tour plans (for an additional cost).

A word of advice: Krabi is considered as one of the most beautiful areas in Thailand (and might I add – rightfully so). It provides various attractions and activities, so I highly recommend you to add an extra day of fun, leisure and nature, combining the fabulous emerald pool, the hot waterfalls (nature’s jacuzzi) and kayaking in the fjords, surrounded by the beautiful landscape of Tha Lane area.


  • The extensive tour includes the lovely Amphawa Floating Market
  • The tour will also include a wonderful rescue farm for wild animals


FYI: the tour timeline (order of days) may vary to allow a visit to the lovely Amphawa Floating Market; the night spent in Amphawa will be set for the weekend, when the night market is open and active.

Concluding the tour: in the famous resort town of Hua Hin **you may also end the tour in Bangkok.



Included With The Tour


Personal Assistance


  • A representative of Tiptop-Travel Private Family Adventure Tours will welcome you immediately as you land in Bangkok, and assist you in the first couple of minutes, following your arrival.
  • A personal meeting with us will be held in Bangkok prior to the extensive tour; We will provide you with assistance and guidance in every matter.
  • We equip our travelers with all they need for the tour (free, no charge) – big towels, waterproof bags for the cruises, raincoats, first aid kits, and more.
  • Personal supervision and guidance by me throughout the entire tour – we are happy to lend our travelers cellular phones so they can keep in touch with me throughout their entire visit to Thailand.
  • Personal assistance provided by us throughout your entire visit to Thailand – from the minute you land until the moment you take off on your way back home.
  • Opportunity to receive various bonuses designed exclusively for our travelers, such as special offers and discounts in excellent hotels, assistance in transportation, and additional advantages.


VIP Van & Professional Driver


  • All of Tip-Top Travel’s private luxury tours are carried out in a VIP van, for your comfort, ease, and pleasure.
  • The VIP van – a 9-seat vehicle, where each traveler’s seat is wide, comfortable, and adjustable. The innovative vehicle is well equipped with advanced audio and video (LCD) systems, which allow you to watch movies during the ride.
  • We recommend bringing your favorite movies from home, and particularly kids’ shows/films.
  • Cold water and moist towels (available in the van).
  • A professional driver.




  • 5-star hotels (where such exist) and the best resorts available in each area.


Tour Guide/Activities


  • Certified, English-speaking tour guide (good English level; certificate of the Tourism Authority of Thailand), personally handpicked by yours truly.
  • Admission fees to all the sites, national parks, and reserves in the tour plan including Vana Nava – the best and newest water park in Thailand (if you choose a day-tour through Hua Hin which includes the water park).


Breakfast & Lunch


  • Breakfast every day of the tour (included in the high-quality hotels and resorts along the tour route).
  • Lunch in every day of the tour (carefully picked restaurants and free choice from their menus including fish and seafood, soft drinks, and fruit-shakes. Excluding alcoholic beverages).
  • Dinners are not included in the tour price, but if you’d like, our lovely tour guide will be happy to take you (in the comfortable van) to a recommended local restaurant and assist you in choosing your dish.



About TipTop Travel and Service Co., Ltd


The luxury private tour includes a fully equipped VIP van, manned by professional drivers, Accommodation is provided in 5-star hotels (where such exist) or in the best hotels/resorts available along the tour route, delicious lunches in hand-picked restaurants, and free choice from their menus, including a free supply of soft-drinks and fruit- shakes. Experienced tour guides who were carefully chosen by us, personal supervision, and daily accompaniment by yours truly. Tiptop Travelers will also receive special offers and discounts for exceptional, high-quality hotels across Bangkok and in various resort sites. In addition, we are happy to lend our travelers cellular phones so they can keep in touch with me throughout their entire visit to Thailand, for any assistance, guidance, and direction they may need.

This luxury tour is completely private and its route is tentative – you can customize every component of the tour plan to better suit your needs and wishes, and create the ultimate extensive tour – tailor-made just for you!


Discover Southern Thailand #1 – From Bangkok – 6 days / 5 nights


Total: 39600

Accompanied service

5* Hotel Accommodation Personal Assistance VIP Van Tour Guide


Day 1, Departure: The first day of the tour will provide you with 3 excellent options; 1. The Classic Bangkok Tour – including the Grand Palace, Wat Pho (the Temple of the Reclining Buddha), and a private boat cruise through the city canals. 2. The Unseen Bangkok –  Phra Pradaeng  neighborhood and bicycle rickshaw tour, the 3-headed elephant temple and the Ancient City (Muang Boran)- the biggest open air museum in the world which we will explore by traveling in a motorized golf cart. 3. Amphawa attractions: palm-sugar production and Thai house, Amphawa Train Market and the “Temple in the tree” (Wat Bang Kung), along with today’s highlight – a private boat cruise to see the unusual  swimming monkeys  and a visit to a local shell farm. The Amphawa tour plan also includes a special treat – a picnic in the middle of the sea. After finishing the selected activities, we will leave Amphawa behind, and make our way to the famous resort town of  Hua Hin. There, we will comfortably settle in a luxury hotel on the beach. In the evening, we will visit the famous local night bazaar or the unique Cicada Market – a great little art fair available only on weekends.

Day 2: It is time to head south, so lay back in the comfortable seat at the van, as we head for a short tour in Prachuap Khiri Khan city – the capital of Prachuap Khiri Khan Province. Next, we will continue in a fun, little Tuk-tuk ride to the beautiful Ao Manoa bay, where we will meet the shy, yet lovely langur monkeys, while enjoying the delightful bay landscape (located in the Thai Air-Force base). We will continue our journey to the south, and possibly – if the time allows – visit one of the most beautiful temples in Thailand, overlooking a spectacular view of local shores. On our way, we will stop for lunch, coffee breaks, ice cream and snacks, and visit fruit markets that are scattered along our route.  Next, we will head towards our accommodation destination – the city of Surat Thani, the gate to southern Thailand and the closest location to the spectacular Cheow Lan lake which we will visit the next day. In the evening, you can follow our guide to a new, trendy shopping center with lots of shops, restaurants, coffee shops etc. and dine there. **The tour price does not include dinner costs.

Day 3:The entire day will be dedicated to the beautiful Cheow Lan lake in Khao Sok National Park – one of the most stunning lakes in the entire world!! A private boat will take us for a cruise to explore the lake and the breathtaking landscape that surrounds it. Later, we will go on a short track through the national park to explore it by foot, and finish off on a motor bamboo-raft with a local tour guide, equipped with much-needed lighting for a magical tour to a stalactite cave. We will enjoy lunch in a fabulous floating resort on the lake, where fun slides will be available, leading straight into the water. As we conclude the activity, our van will be waiting for us, ready to take us to a lovely resort in the park, where we will spend the night. ** Dinner will be available at the resort, but you can also take the van instead, and go out, led by our tour guide, to the nearby village, where you will find an authentic Thai restaurant and even a great pizza place (dinners are not included in the tour cost).

Day 4: This day will be dedicated to Khao Sok National Park, where various outdoor activities await, entailing hours of fun and excitement in a lovely natural setting. We will start our day by sailing in a canoe cruise, where an experienced sailor will do the rowing, so you can lay back and fully enjoy the natural beauty and serenity that surrounds you. Then, we will head to a nearby natural reserve where you can either take an elephant ride or go on an ATV field-trip. Whatever you choose, will be followed by today’s highlight – the best white-water rafting available in Thailand. A short, customized rafting route will be available to kids older than 5 years, along with a slightly longer route for 10-year-olds and above. Another option features a special, extreme slide which was set on site. It will take you (brave ones) flying right into the small lake. Once we finish our daily activity, we will drive to Ao Nang beach in Krabi, and check in to one of the best hotels in the area. Feel free to enjoy a free night out in Ao Nang, with its various restaurants, shops, massage parlors etc.

Day 5: This day will be all about Phang Nga Bay, its spectacular landscape and the famous James Bond island. Phang Nga is a marvelous, natural region which strikes the eye and captures every traveler’s heart.  This setting is graced by scattered islands, impressive cliffs, mysterious caves and Mangrove forests; it features chalk cliffs in various shapes, sticking out sharply from the green emerald water which granted the bay its beautiful, unique appearance. A private boat will take you for a lovely cruise in the spectacular bay setting, and then head to the famous James Bond island. On our way, we will engage in kayak sailing towards the nearby caves (don’t you worry – an experienced sailor will row for you) followed by a visit to Ko Panyee island and the Muslim village built on poles, where many surprises await – including a soccer field. ** During the daily timeline, you can combine and enjoy Krabi’s excellent ziplines (for an additional cost). Lodging will take place at the same hotel as the previous night.

Day 6, Return: This day marks one of the highlights of your entire visit to Thailand, as it celebrates the beauty of the most spectacular islands and shores in the country (yes, the ones you see in all the postcards and brochures of southern Thailand). These natural gems include Koh Hong, the pearl of Andaman Islands, the famous, lovely Railay beach, along with various other shores and islands (Poda, Tap and other islands which grace the ocean). As expected from a luxury private tour – we will indulge you with a private speedboat, which will be available at your disposal during the entire day. We are not just talking about comfort and style here, but also offering you high-sailing-speed, so you can spend more time in the beautiful islands and fully enjoy the wonderful beaches.

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Tour Operator

Planned by Dr. David; Executed by Tip Top Travel and Service Co. Ltd.

Time of Year

Held throughout the year, yet requires pre-order, so book your tour a sufficient time in advance. The tour can begin on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays only.

Daily Timeline

The estimated departure time to begin the daily activity is 8:30 AM; the estimated time to conclude it is 5:30 PM or later – if evening activities are included in the daily tour plan. ** The luxury tour is private and as such, is carried out in your pace, so the timeline is rather flexible (however, please make sure to coordinate it with us in advance).


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