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Day Tour in Bangkok #DTB3 – Ayutthaya’s treasures


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Explore The Best Attractions in Thailand’s  Ancient Capital With This Full-Day Tour



This unique day tour features a fascinating combination between the famous historical treasures of the ancient capital of Thailand in past days, along with special attractions and activities in the Thai capital of present day – Bangkok. When it comes to these activities  – a tourist would struggle to execute them on his own: the bubbly and lively China Town markets , a professional, high quality, 2-hour Thai massage(Thanom Chai Aree Massage), followed by a lovely dinner in the most famous Pad Thai restaurant in Bangkok – Thipsamai Restaurant, to seal the day with good taste.



Included With The Tour


  • Pick up and return to your hotel in Bangkok.
  • VIP Van vehicle and driver.
  • A Certified, English speaking tour-guide (good English level; certificate of the Tourism Authority of Thailand).
  • Admission fees to sites.
  • A high quality, 2-hour Thai massage.
  • Lunch in a carefully picked restaurant; free choice from its menu including fish and sea-food, soft drinks and fruit-shakes (excluding alcoholic beverages).
  • A Pad Thai dish (free choice from the menu) including a soft drink.
  • A private, electric golf car while visiting in the summer palace Bang Pa In.



About TipTop Travel and Service Co., Ltd


The luxury private tour includes a fully equipped VIP van, manned by professional drivers, Accommodation is provided in 5-star hotels (where such exist) or in the best hotels/resorts available along the tour route, delicious lunches in hand-picked restaurants, and free choice from their menus, including a free supply of soft-drinks and fruit- shakes. Experienced tour guides who were carefully chosen by us, personal supervision, and daily accompaniment by yours truly. Tiptop Travelers will also receive special offers and discounts for exceptional, high-quality hotels across Bangkok and in various resort sites. In addition, we are happy to lend our travelers cellular phones so they can keep in touch with me throughout their entire visit to Thailand, for any assistance, guidance, and direction they may need.

This luxury tour is completely private and its route is tentative – you can customize every component of the tour plan to better suit your needs and wishes, and create the ultimate extensive tour – tailor-made just for you!


Day Tour in Bangkok #DTB3 – Ayutthaya’s treasures


Total: 4350

Accompanied service

Hotel Pickup/Drop-off Personal Assistance VIP Van Tour Guide


Pickup: After picking you up from your hotel in Bangkok, we will drive to Bang Pa In, the beautiful and pastoral summer palace that used to serve Thai kings in the past. We will explore the site comfortably with a private electrical golf car.

Morning, Lunch: Another short drive will take us to Thailand’s ancient capital, Ayutthaya. Most people are unaware of the fact that this was the largest, richest city in the world (at the time, it was home to more than 1 million residents), up until 250 years ago. Ayutthaya  abounds with historical sites and temples of all sorts, and I must say that running from one historic site to another, and wondering through multiple temples – as many tourists often do – may be exhausting and boring. Thus, we have chosen for you a small selection of the most intriguing, impressive sites. Then, we will enjoy lunch in a restaurant in Ayutthaya or Bangkok (depends on how hungry you’ll be).

Early Afternoon: After lunch, we will head back to Bangkok, and explore China Town markets  (its best to focus on one of the markets which suits you the most). There, we will experience the most authentic, colorful markets available in Bangkok. In this area, tourists struggle to find their way around, and a guided tour will certainly allow them to do so, and get to know the market.

Late Afternoon: Once we finished exploring China Town markets, as the rich, fascinating day tour approaches its end, there’s nothing better than indulging in a real, high quality Thai massage – which you will struggle to find independently. Therefore, I have picked for you one of the best, most famous and longstanding massage centers – a place that may seem humble but provides a particularly high quality of massage treatments – the massage is one of the best in Thailand, to be exact. Naturally, the place is unknown to foreigners and tourists. ♥ Don’t forget to give a small tip of 100 baht after enjoying your time there.

Evening: After the quality massage (which is very hard to find in tourist areas), it’s time to seal the eventful day tour with yet another authentic experience – Thipsamai Restaurant, the most famous Pad Thai restaurant in Bangkok, where you can dine on the most celebrated Thai dish – the Pad Thai. You can order whatever you like from the menu, and once dinner is over, we will drive you back to your hotel in Bangkok (around 8:30 PM).

*Option 1: Instead of ending the day in the Pad Thai restaurant, you can instead choose Siam Niramit – a spectacular, high-quality show, which includes a rich dinner, an excellent international buffet, in a particularly low price: 1,100 baht per adult; 750 baht per child (free for children under 4).

*Option 2: Instead of ending the day in the Pad Thai restaurant, you can instead choose a  Cruise on the Chao Phraya river, in a luxury ship (Grand Pearl) – an exceptional experience that you can order in a special discount: 1,100 baht per adult; 850 baht per child (free for children under 4).

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Tour Operator

Planned by Dr. David; Executed by Tip Top Travel and Service Co. Ltd.

Time of Year

Held throughout the year, yet requires pre-order, so book your tour 7-10 days in advance.

Tour Timeline

The tour begins at 08:30 AM and concludes at 20:30 (expected time, approximately).


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