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KidZania – The New City for kids in Bangkok

by Dr. David

KidZania – The New Kids’ City in BangkokBack in the days, when we were kids, didn’t we all have our dreams? Every kid dreamt of being a policeman or a fireman, a doctor or a nurse, a chef, journalist, or a TV producer, a famous actor or a great magician, a flight attendant or even a pilot!


From now on, these dreams can come true, and I’m glad to be the first to share with you the detailed information and video about KidZania – a magical, sophisticated city, where your kids can live their dreams to the full, in the most realistic way possible! Don’t miss it!!

KidZania spreads over 8000 square meters. Its founders, along with the best companies in Thailand and around the world, were able to successfully replicate most of the various daily activities in modern life.

From the minute you enter the city, you’ll find yourselves in a magical world entirely designed for kids and dedicated to fulfilling dreams – and we are not just talking about watching… KidZania engages the kids who take an active part in all its diverse activities, and there are so many of those….



KidZania even has an “Unemployment Center” where kids can get information and guidance, and a University, where they can study towards obtaining a “degree” (similarly to real life, it involves paying your tuition), and upgrading their salaries in the different positions they take.


The kids not only work, but also get paid for it, using the city’s own currency, named “Kedzo”. Every workstation includes a sign with a table indicating the activity time and its ‘financial’ reward.







Using the money, which they earned from various jobs in the city, the kids can purchase items in the town stores and boutiques. The city even has a bank, where they can open an account under their names, deposit their paychecks and even receive an ATM card, which they can use to withdraw money on their future visits to the city.

KidZania BangkokYou can see a construction site, where the kid built a wall, operated a crane etc. 15 minutes of work grant him 8 Kedzos which he can either spend or deposit in the bank.

KidZania has some 65 workstations offering a variety of some 80 different activities, in which the kids are welcome to partake. There are so many activities that we cannot possibly name them all here. The attached movie clip gives you a sense of some of the main activities, yet it’s hardly long enough to depict them all.

In the photo to the left, you can see the kids going through a driving test to get their license. Of course, as in the real life, it requires taking an eye test beforehand – they need to visit the Eye Care Center founded by the Japanese company Hoya (one of the leading lens companies in the world). At the center, the kids can have their eyesight tested and become optometrists if they want to.

As I mentioned, the attached video displays KidZania city life and the wide variety of activities it offers to its young visitors. To name a few of its other activities, there’s pizza making, milk production, tour guide and more.

Here is a partial list of KidZania positions and activities – fireman, paramedic, doctor/nurse, builder, teaching and getting a driving permit, changing a wheel in the garage, learning magic and preforming in front of an audience, theater actor, journalist, radio anchor, TV producer, restaurant chef, flipping burgers at MacDonald’s, making Japanese sushi, interior designer, car designer, photographer, dentist, vet, DJ, aesthetician, messenger, news anchor, insurance salesman, air steward/stewardess and much more!

KidZania Age Groups:

KidZania BangkokThe kids’ city is designed for children between the ages of 4 – 14. Every kid receives a hand-band stating his important features – name, age, sex, chaperone’s phone number etc.

Kids between the ages of 4 to 8 are required to have an adult chaperone present. Older children, between the ages of 8 -14, can stay in the city by themselves, but their hand-band code will prevent them from leaving KidZania premises on their own, without their chaperone.

Upon entering the city, every kid receives a detailed map of the place and 50 Kedzos. He can then earn more money by himself, practicing any profession or activity of his choosing. The place is manned by English and Thai speaking guides. If your child doesn’t speak English very well, you should accompany him at any event.



KidZania for Adults and Toddlers:

KidZania BangkokParents are not allowed to enter the activity areas, but they are welcome to stand and observe from a nearby location. In the city square, there are plenty of restaurants and coffee shops where the parents can spend their time. They can also enjoy a spacious waiting room with computers and free Wi-Fi.








It appears that in KidZania they had it all in mind… if your family has babies or toddlers who are younger than 4 years old, they can enjoy a designated toddlers’ space set for them, with lots of games, a sandbox and a diaper changing room.Since KidZania is located in the famous Paragon shopping center, parents with kids aged 8 years old and up, can spend their time at the shopping center. KidZania staff will call them once their kids finished their playful activities.






Operating Hours:

SAM_0905_tnKidZania Bangkok is open during the weekdays from 10 AM to 5 PM.

During weekends and holidays, the kids’ city operates in two shifts –

Morning – from 10 AM to 3 PM and Afternoon/Evening – from 4 PM to 9 PM

Important note: two families of friends who live in Bangkok and visited the place, told me they spent no less than 6 hours there, so please take this into consideration, when planning your schedule.KidZania Bangkok





Under 2 years old – Free

Ages 2-3 – 300 Baht

Ages 4-14 – 650 Baht

Age 15 and up – 400 Baht

Age 60 and up – 350 Baht





SAM_0864_tnOne of KidZania’s main advantages is its central location, in the famous Siam Paragon Shopping Center. You can easily get there using the Train (BTS). Simply get off at the Siam station and enter Paragon through the entrance by the square. From there, ask for directions to the Northern Tower and take the lift to the 5th floor, where you will see the entrance to KidZania Bangkok.

It is hard to describe all the wonderful activities KidZania Bangkok has to offer in a single, short article. I took a video clip from a visit to the city, in order to try and give you a taste of the delightful experience.





Wishing you and your kids a great visit, rich with experiences….


Dr. David

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