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Klong Khon – Swimming Monkeys, Oyster Harvesting, Mud Ski and more…

by Dr. David

The entire Samut Songkhram region has been a popular destination for internal tourism for many years, but in the recent years, western tourists discovered the beauty of this area and the abundance of attractions it has to offer like the swimming monkeys.

Klong Khon is a sub-district in Samut Songkhram Province. It is located near the sea and the estuary, and features mangrove forests, home to monkeys and many other animals. The district consists of several villages whose inhabitants focus mainly on fishing, oyster harvesting, and in the recent years even tourism. For long years, the locals fought to preserve and nurture the nature surrounding them, and you can read about it in this article.

Besides its various attractions for the entire family, Klong Khon’s main advantage is being fairly untouched by swarms of tourists. A tourist visiting the area will certainly enjoy the Thai authenticity and warmth that is typical in such rural areas, though just a short ride from Bangkok.

As I have previously mentioned, Klong Khon has several villages, and a few resorts have been established in the area, offering visitors to enjoy full hosting in guest rooms and various outdoor activities such as: river cruising to watch the monkeys, oyster harvesting, mud skiing, kayaks and more.

One of Klong Khon’s special treats is the option to rent a guest room located at sea, and enjoy dining at sea. Of course, there are also guest rooms with full hosting on the beach.

Although it is possible to visit Klong Khon area independently, I must say it is not simple- the area is quite large (it is not a single village) and the locals are hardly fluent in English. Western tourism has only reached the area in recent years. Additionally, some of the activities are season and tide dependent, so you will need someone who is very familiar with the area and its nature to fully enjoy the abundance of local attractions.

Although the area has several resorts that serve western tourists, there are differences in the quality of services offered to them. After a number of visits to Klong Khon, accompanied and aided by a local Thai friend, we were able to locate the highest quality resorts.

During our searches, we found a small resort, located on the beach and managed by a local family; a place which up until now only served Thai guests. The owner was a fisherman with an oyster farm and guesthouses on the sea. We immediately clicked with his lovely family, became friends and even hosted them in Bangkok. The owner knows the area like the back of his hand and hiking with him was an exciting, unique experience.

I’ve had the chance to take a cruise to watch the swimming monkeys several times in the past, and I must admit, usually the number of monkeys was rather scarce. When I told the resort owner about my experience he said the monkeys recognize his voice and gather around when they hear him calling. He just asked how many monkeys I want to approach the boat.

I thought he was joking, but reality proved otherwise, he was totally right! When we arrived at the place, there were no monkeys to be seen, but once he started calling them, in a matter of minutes, the area was filled with swimming monkeys! the bananas we brought them were gone in no time and we left the place. You can watch the experience in this swimming monkeys clip.

In conclusion – the Klong Khon District at the Samut Songkhram Province is a surprising, fascinating experience, filled with activities for kids and the entire family. A visit to the area takes about 3 hours and can include a local lunch. You can also spend the night at a nice resort, including a BBQ dinner and a night cruise to watch the fireflies and other local nocturnal animals.

The area is located just 70 kilometers from Bangkok, which enables to visit Klong Khon as a day trip or include it in other trips to the area, such as Amphawa, Kanchanaburi, Hua Hin, Phetchaburi and more.


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