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Huai Mae Khamin Waterfalls, Srinakarin National Park, Kanchanaburi

by Dr. David

Huai Mae Khamin Waterfalls, Srinakarin National Park, Kanchanaburi , Lots of tourists have heard about the famous Erawan Falls of Kanchanaburi province, however, only a few heard about Huai Mae Khamin Falls, which many say are even prettier than Erawan Falls.

Untill not so long ago, visiting Huai Mae Khamin Falls could be done only by 4X4 vehicles and the way was pretty bouncy, so not too many people were brave enough to drive to the falls. A new comfortable road has recently been built leading directly to the waterfalls. The way to the waterfalls has now become easy and makes it possible to simply take a short walk from your car park to the waterfalls.

I have no doubt that Huai Mae Khamin Falls will become one of the most popular tourist attractions of Kanchanaburi province with time and I suggest you visit this nature jewel as long as its wild nature is untouched, before it becomes commercialized and flooded by many tourists and before souvenir stalls are built all over it selling T-shirts and fake watches – as can unfortunately be seen in many other places in Thailand.

Huai Mae Khamin Falls are located on Srinakarin Dam National Park, approx. 45 Km. (an hour by car), north of Erawan Falls and approx. 110 Km. (a couple of hours drive), from Kanchanaburi Province capital – the town of Kanchanaburi, which is famous for the bridge over the Kwai River – located in the town.

Srinakarin National Park: the Srinakarin national park is located in Sai Yok and it stretches over 1500 square Km. It is a part of two provinces – Kanchanaburi Province, Sai Yok and Thong Pha Phum province.

The Srinakarin national park is named after Thailand’s king’s mother and it has been announced on 1981. There are plenty of wild animals, butterflies, stalagmite caves, etc. in the national park, but no doubt, Huai Mae Khamin Falls are its main tourist attraction.

Untill not so long ago the only way to reach the waterfalls was to cross 40 Km. of dirt road by a 4X4 vehicle or take a ferry from the town of Si Sawat so only real nature lovers used to visit these falls. Ever since the new road has been built getting to the waterfalls has become much easier.

Note: many web sites have not yet updated the information about new road and describe the old and inconvenient way to the waterfalls.

Huai Mae Khamin Falls: this is a 7 drops waterfall which is considered one of the most magnificent falls in Thailand. The falls are located in an evergreen forest and their drops create wonderful pools for swimming. There are limestone rocks at the waterfalls which do not enable Algae growth so the grounds around the pools are not slippery.

The area is covered by evergreen forest which creates a very relaxing atmosphere. The park’s management keeps the place clean and even built an easy path leading down the waterfalls. You can also see Srinakarin Lake from the national park.

Access to the waterfalls is very convenient, you can drive either to the first or the forth drop, which is considered the most impressive one.

The park offices are right next to the forth drop. You can park your car there and go down to the waterfall’s 1st – 4th drops or climb up to the 5th – 7th drops. It is only 100 meters to the fourth drop and another 200 meters to the 5th one. There are restaurants and restrooms in the area.

I cannot refrain from comparing Huai Mae Khamin Falls to the famous Erawan Falls. In my opinion, Erawan Falls are highly commercialized and very crowded and the walk to get to them is more of an effort, in comparison, the pretty wild nature, relaxing atmosphere and easy access to Huai Mae Khamin Falls, turns Huai Mae Khamin Falls into a much more attractive place to visit.

Important Note: Huai Mae Khamin Falls can be included in TipTop-Travel best quality tour programs of their area.

It is not easy to show how pretty  Falls really are on a video , however I made a special effort to bring you a taste of the place…Enjoy!!


Huai Mae Khamin Waterfalls, Srinakarin National Park, Kanchanaburi

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