Erawan Waterfalls
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Erawan Waterfalls – Kanchanaburi

by Dr. David

Erawan Waterfalls ,  Erawan National Park stretches over 550 square Km. It is located in Kanchanaburi province, approx. 3 hour drive from Bangkok.

One of the parks well known tourist attractions are Erawan Waterfalls which have 7 drops and are considered as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Thailand. The waterfalls name is due to its resemblance to the Hindu mythological elephant god with 3 heads – Erawan.

The Erawan Waterfalls are 1.5 Km. long and their drops create wide pools which are great for  swimming – so please remember to bring a towel and bathing suite with you.

It is quite a walk from the car park to the waterfall’s first drop however, from this point to the fourth drop the way is easy and suitable for families with young children.  Climbing all the way up to the 7th drop and back can take up to 3.5 – 4 hours, but I think it is fine to settle for climbing the first 4-5 drops.

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As the park closes at 17:00 and the signs show a closing time of 16:00, it is recommended to arrive there early. In addition, it is better to visit the waterfalls during week days as they tend to get very crowded on weekends.

How to get to Erawan Waterfalls : take road number 3199 from the town of Kanchanaburi.

Note: Erawan Waterfalls entrance fees to national parks in Thailand have gone up almost twice lately and the current fee per person is 500 Baht.

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As always, here is a short video I prepared for you about Erawan Falls – enjoy!!

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