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Wat Suwan Kuha Temple – Special temple in a cave ( Suwankuha Temple)

by Dr. David

Wat Suwan Kuha Temple – Special temple in a cave ( Suwankuha Temple )  , Located near Phang Nga town, the capital of Phang Nga province, is a very special and interesting temple called Wat Suwan Kuha.

Wat Suwan Kuha Temple,( Suwankuha )  The locals call it Wat Tham, (which means the temple cave). The temple, built inside a cave has historical, theological and archeological value and is a popular site amongst local people as well as tourists.

The Wat Suwan Kuha Temple has been built inside a complex of caves with different names: Tham Meud, Tham Jaeng, Tham Kaew and Tham Yai and is a home to many statues, the biggest one of them is 15 meters long reclining Buddha.

At the Wat Suwan Kuha Temple ( Suwankuha Temple ) cave entrance there is a wide area with plenty of stalls where you can buy food for the many monkeys found all over the place, (as can be seen in the video below).

There are comfortable stairs leading to the different caves. The highest cave opens up towards a forest with a small square with some benches to sit and relax. The lighting inside the caves and the light coming from their openings create a pretty mysterious feeling.

Tham Yai, the complex biggest cave is located at the lower level. Apart from the impressive 15 meters long Buddha, there is a memorial monument in remembrance of one of the most important man in the area there as well as some statues, pictures, and ceramic works.

The caves and the surrounding area are very pretty and impressive and despite the crowds of tourists visiting there is pleasant and I highly recommend it!!

You can enjoy the many pictures of the  ( Suwankuha Temple ) cave and its surrounding area in the video attached in this article.

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You can see the rest of the temple’s pictures in the below video… Enjoy!!!


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