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Nai Yang Beach – Phuket Thailand

by Dr. David

Nai Yang Beach:  as opposed to all the other Phuket beaches reviewed here, which are located south of Patong Beach, Nai Yang Beach is located in the north, right next to Phuket airport.

** I will review this beach when I discuss the beaches found on Phuket north coast.

Nai Yang Beach is really one of the only Phuket beaches hidden away from the tourists and is mostly populated by the locals and very few tourist who return to it again and again. It is a wide and pleasant beach located at a park with many trees shadowing over it. There are restaurants and small pubs and many of the locals come there to pick nick and enjoy this excellent and relaxing beach.

Summary: Nai Yang Beach is located only 1.5 Km. away from Phuket airport. Next to it there are some resorts and the beach itself is very relaxing and of high quality. It is certainly recommended to those of you who prefer a change to the crowds of other Phuket beaches.

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Phuket island summary:  Phuket is Thailand’s biggest island and one of its most popular tourist attractions. Most tourists are only familiar with the famous Patong Beach however, the island offers many good Phuket beaches and special quiet places which provide a completely different experience from spending a holiday on Patong Beach.

Phuket beaches main disadvantage is that most of its resorts are not located right on the beach (as opposed to those in the nearby town – Ko Lhak). There is a road separating between the beach and most of the resorts, although there are some resorts on the water edge too.

Phuket island is certainly a good place for a holiday and it is recommended to allow time to choose the right resort and beach for you. Phuket island is not a good choice as a base camp for travelling in the south so I recommend you enjoy other attractions in the south before coming to Phuket and staying in places which offer better and easier ways to get to the tourist attractions and come to Phuket after that to enjoy a beach holiday.


If you decided to spend your holiday in Phuket, I have prepared a video about all the Phuket beaches reviewed here for you, in order to give you the feeling of each one of them so you can choose the best place for you….enjoy!


Dr. David
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