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Phuket Beaches – Travel

by Dr. David

Phuket Beaches – Thailand

Short introduction to Phuket Beaches: Phuket is Thailand’s biggest island, it has an area of 570 square km., It measures 48 Km. in length, (from north to south), and 21 Km. in width, (east to west). Phuket Island is connected by the Sarasin Bridge (700 meters long), to the mainland.

About 70% of the island area is mountainous and as can be seen on the map there are many bays along its coast line which are separated by cliffs. Most of the good beaches are located on the island’s west and south coasts.

Phuket has a tropical weather. The drier season is from November to April and most of the rain falls during May – October, with an average rainfall of 300 mm. per month and 19-23 rainy days a month during this season.

Personal view: my first visit at Phuket was in 1987. Since then I had been there many times, in the first years I went there more often but with time I visited it less and less as it became very crowded and commercialized and not as pleasant as it used to be. Nowadays, many tourists prefer higher quality beaches such as Khao Lak over Phuket. Despite that it is still possible to find good quality, relaxing beaches on this big island, so choosing the right location for your holiday on the island is very important.  I noticed that tourists opinions about Phuket vary – they either like it or not.

Phuket Beaches: This is the first article about Phuket beaches and it will concentrate on most of the beaches on the island beginning with Patong Beach and all the way down south to Rawai Beach. This article does not include all the beaches located to the north of Patong Beach such as: Kamala Beach, Surin Beach, Bang Tao Beach etc. exept one beach, Nai Yang Beach, located next to Phuket airport.

Note: usually by Beach we mean the beach itself and the town next to it.

As the number of pictures in this article is limited I invite you to see my video which is full of pictures of the different beaches where you can get the feeling of the beaches reviewed in this article.  I hope this article will help you plan your holiday on this island.

Patong Beach Summary: Patong beach is best suited for tourists looking out for vibrant nightlife, prostitutes and drag queens, etc., however, families or tourists looking for a relaxing holiday will not find it suitable. Read More…

Paradise Beach Summary: In my opinion, Paradise beach has more disadvantages than advantages and I don’t recommend it. In addition the road leading to Paradise Beach is narrow with many sloppy curves which I don’t recommend to any new driver or to those riding motor bikes. Read More..

Karon Beach Summary: Karon Beach is much more relaxing than Patong Beach and it is suitable for families. I can’t explain it, but my feeling was that Kata Beach is nicer. Read More..

Kata Beach Summary: taking all factors into consideration – the beach quality, the town next to it, the resorts, and nightlife – Kata Beach is the best one for families .  Its only drawback is that Club Med separates between the beach and the town so that you will have to go around Club Med in order to get to the beach (about 10-15 minute walk or a short drive on a tok-tok). Read More..

Kata Noi Beach Summary: Kata Noi Beach is smaller than Kata Beach but it is very pleasant and clean. The beach is relatively isolated and quiet during the day and night. Read More..

Nai Harn Beach Summary: Nai Harn Beach is one of the best and most beautiful beaches in Phuket and due to its relatively far distance from the main tourist attractions, it is not crowded. This beach is highly recommended especially if you have a car so that you can combine bathing on the beach with a tour of the area. Read More..

Rawai Beach Summary: Rawai Beach is not suited for bathing in the sea however it is a sea food paradise, great for sea food lovers who can enjoy the immense variety of fresh sea fruits and fish offered by the local restaurants, (from my experience there are very good restaurants there). Read More..

Nai Yang Beach Summary: Nai Yang Beach is located only 1.5 Km. away from Phuket airport. Next to it there are some resorts and the beach itself is very relaxing and of high quality. It is certainly recommended to those of you who prefer a change to the crowds of other Phuket beaches. Read More..


Phuket island summary:  Phuket is Thailand’s biggest island and one of its most popular tourist attractions. Most tourists are only familiar with the famous Patong Beach however, the island offers many good Phuket beaches and special quiet places which provide a completely different experience from spending a holiday on Patong Beach.

Phuket beaches main disadvantage is that most of its resorts are not located right on the beach (as opposed to those in the nearby town – Ko Lhak). There is a road separating between the beach and most of the resorts, although there are some resorts on the water edge too.

Another disadvantage is that most tourist attractions found in south Thailand are located in other provinces such as Surat Thani (Khao Sok National Park), Phang Nga (Surin island and similan islands bay) and Krabi (Kayak, Ko Hong, etc.), so that traveling to these attractions from Phuket takes a lot of time.

Conclusion:  Phuket island is certainly a good place for a holiday and it is recommended to allow time to choose the right resort and beach for you. Phuket island is not a good choice as a base camp for travelling in the south so I recommend you enjoy other attractions in the south before coming to Phuket and staying in places which offer better and easier ways to get to the tourist attractions and come to Phuket after that to enjoy a beach holiday.

Special notes:

  • Many tourist go to Phuket because they heard about it but there are a few things to consider before you plan your holiday:
  1. Phuket is the worst location to be used as a base camp for tourists going to other attractions in Thailand as there are no attraction in its province and it is relatively far from other attractions. Ko Phi Phi is located in Krabi and so is the magnificent Ko Hong island. Krabi’s 4 Islands, the Emerald Cave, Railay Beach, etc. are all located in Krabi.  Phang Nga bay, James Bond island, and the world’s best snorkeling islands – Similan and Surin are all located on Phang Nga and are very far from Phuket. The famous Khao Sok National Park and Cheow Lan Lake which is considered to be one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, are located in Surat Thani, also far away from Phuket.
  2. Most of the resorts are not located on the Phuket beaches so even as a beach holiday place Phuket is not ideal. Furthermore, in recent years it has become very crowded and unpleasant so you should really consider your holiday there.

Conclusion: there is no need to buy an air ticket to Phuket beaches unless you want a beach holiday in Phuket or in Khao Lak which is a much better choice than Phuket beaches.  It is not recommended to fly to Phuket as none of the attractions in south Thailand are found there (Ko Phi Phi, Railay Beach, Phang Nga Bay, James Bond island, the Emerald Cave, Khao Sok National Park, the 4 Islands, etc.).

If you decided to spend your holiday in Phuket, I have prepared a video about all the Phuket beaches reviewed here for you, in order to give you the feeling of each one of them so you can choose the best place for you….enjoy!


Dr. David
Thailand-Expert : Thailand Travel Guide
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