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Kao Tao Hotels and Resorts

by Dr. David

Kao Tao also has Great hotels and resorts under the travel agencies’ radars, and they’re the best ones. We struggled to find a good hotel on a good beach in Ko Tao.

When we last visited Kao Tao Hotels  island, we had a bit of bad luck on the first night – but with the help of a local, we’ve managed to track the type of resort that I always search for, a resort that maintains my basic terms:

  1. Clean, organized and pleasant service.
  2. Right on the beach and not on the mountainside where every walk to the pool or breakfast becomes a troublesome experience.
  3. The resorts should be in a short walking distance from stores, restaurants, massage parlors and so on – I don’t like being a ‘hotel captive.’
  4. Excellent and high-quality beach with soft, pleasant sand and also a great view.

We’ve visited a lot of hotels; I didn’t like most of them because they did not maintain these terms that are fundamentally mandatory in my opinion and I feel like I should not give up on these terms. With the help of that local mentioned before we’ve found our solution.

I apologize in advance, and this comes in regards to different hotels and unique beaches – we invest a lot of effort, time and money as well in tracking the best hotels and beaches in every area of Thailand. We are not traveling agencies and this valuable information is meant to assist our tourists and presents the best that Thailand can offer to them. We examine every area to locate the best things inside it, and I won’t recommend a single thing without personally checking it. The page and the group are public, and this is the reason I don’t tend to publish their names – I have no intention to grant this valuable information to different travel agencies :-)

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