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Ko Tachai – Tachai Island

by Dr. David

Tachai island is a small virgin island located in the Andaman Sea in the middle of the distance between Surin islands and Similan islands.

Ko Tachai is situated about 165 Km. from Phuket and 65 Km. north-west of Khao Lak. As the island is quite at a distance from all other islands its nature and coral reef have been well preserved – it is considered the best diving site in Thailand!

Officially, Ko Tachai is a part of the Similan Islands group, however, quite a few of the cruises to Ko Tachai go out of Surin Islands, (which are a wonderful group of islands as well).

Our visit at Ko Tachai was also a part of a snorkeling cruise at Surin islands. To read about the Surin islands cruise click here

Note: Surin Islands and Tachai island are open to the public for diving and visiting from November to April.

I can’t begin to describe the beauty of this island – it is by no means the prettiest island I have ever seen with its soft white sand and super clear turquoise waters like you only see in the movies.

Ko Tachai is well known for its quality reef and abundance of fish. It is especially known for the many kinds of big fish, such as the leopard shark, nurse shark, mantra rays, sea turtles, etc. During the months of April and May, it is also possible to watch whale sharks on Ko Tachai – so that scuba diving is a wonderful experience one should not miss.

We only did snorkeling there and even that was an amazing adventure.

Apart from the great snorkeling in Tachai Island , we enjoyed the relaxing beach, swimming in the clear water and walked in the rainforest covering much of the island.

It seems there is a special kind of crab on the island which makes chicken like sounds. Not only did we hear these crabs but we took a picture of them for you.

In between all that we had a great lunch with fruit and ice cream for dessert and tremendously enjoyed our stay.

As I wrote, the cruise to Ko Tachai was a part of a cruise to Surin islands. We first wanted to independently travel there – to drive my car to Kura Buri and from there to take a boat to Surin islands.  After giving it some thought, we decided to take a cruise offered by a local agency which specializes in snorkeling cruises.

7 Years ago, I did my own tour of Surin islands and since this time I decided to go with a cruise agency, I could compare between the two options.

I can certainly say that the decision to take a cruise offered by an agency was a success. The conditions were great and the organization was simply terrific. Everything worked like clockwork.

A short description of the cruise: We left Bangkok at 21:30 on a fancy tour bus (we even had massage in the back of our chairs). We arrived at Kura Buri early in the morning and had breakfast there.

After that we took a speed boat and after an hour we arrived at Surin islands. I must say that the way was very pleasant. Upon our arrival we received all the necessary equipment for snorkeling and for our sleeping arrangements, and took off for the first snorkeling cruise even before lunch time.

We cruised to the snorkeling sites on longtail boats which are very comfortable and relaxing. The snorkeling areas are clearly indicated with floats.  We were given 20-30 minutes for snorkeling on each site, after which we returned to the boat and cruised to the next site. Each snorkeling cruise lasts about 2-3 hours during which it stops for diving in 2-3 different snorkeling sites.

We spent two and a half days on Surin islands, during this cruise we also visited the Sea Gypsies tribe – The Moken.

Part of the cruise was a visit at Ko Tachai. The cruise there took about an hour on a speed boat. On the island there are Bungalows, a restaurant, showers and toilets – and all are clean and well kept. The cruise including 3 meals a day and much more, and a visit at Ko Tachai.

I can tell you it was a real pleasure to return to the boat and find our tour guides team waiting for us with fresh pineapple and chilled water melon.

I am well aware that for some of us visiting the local markets and buying cheap T-shirts is also a thrill but it can be done elsewhere too.

A visit at Surin islands and Ko Tachai is one of a lifetime experience – and if you love yourself – just do it!  It does not have to be instead of buying T-shirts you can do both .

So that you will not think that you are the only tourist on the island, I took a picture of a couple of tourists relaxing next to us on Ko Tachai beach. (their son just got into the water, so you will not see him in the picture).

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