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Thailand Urban Islands : Ko Samui

by Dr. David

Ko Samui Thailand is a relatively big island, located on Thailand’s east coast, (Siam Bay). It has many beaches and bays all along its coast line – Chaweng, Lamai, Bophut, Nicki and others. Each beach has a slightly different atmosphere. Chaweng beach is the worst choice in my opinion with its unpleasant crowds.

The islands most famous beaches are Lamai and Bophut – they are big long beaches with small gravel instead of soft sand. These two beaches are pretty much the same with plenty of restaurants, cafés, pubs and massages.

You can find plenty of resorts on the island for different prices and service levels. Most of the island is quiet commercialized so that travelling on it is unbelievably expensive. Despite that, I have managed to find a nice relaxing bay with a great beach and a good atmosphere which is not well known to most tourists and looks very much like the wonderful bays of Ko Phangan. In my opinion, it is the best bay on

Ko Samui Thailand.

Season: January – September, (please consider that Monsoon season on the east coast islands begins and ends late).

How to get to Ko Samui:  you can fly directly to the island but the flight is very expensive in comparison to other such flights. Every other way to get to Ko Samui is a combination of flights, drive and cruise – this is quite a big run-around which can take almost a whole day and you’ll have to carry your baggage by yourself when changing your means of transportation.

Summary: Ko Samui is mostly an urban island without unique attractions. Most of the beaches are reasonable but not more than that. It is best suited for those of you who are looking for a holiday on an urban island combining shopping and hanging out if pubs and restaurants. I recommend that you avoid Chaweng beach, specially its central part. Another advantage is the possibility to take a direct flight there, but as I wrote it is expensive.  Between the 2 urban islands – Ko Samui is better and more pleasant than Phuket.

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