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Ko Rok Isalnd Travel Guide

by Dr. David

About 30 Km. from Ko Lanta island there are two magnificent islands – Ko Rok Nai and Ko Rok Nok. Nai and Nok means inner and outer. In other words the inner Ko Rok and the outer Ko Rok islands. The distance between the two islands is only 100-200 meters and it is possible to swim from one island to the other.

The two islands, which we simply call Ko Rok for a short, are part of the Mu Ko Lanta National Park and as such no building or road paving is permitted on them.

The National Park guards live on Ko Rok Nok island and it’s possible to camp there, (there are large tents for rent, clean showers and toilets as well as a restaurant on the camping site).

Tourists can travel to Ko Rok during the season, (November – May), by taking a one day tour from Ko Lanta island or from Trang district. The one day tour from Ko Lanta includes pick up from the hotel, a professional tour guide, snorkeling equipment, fruits, drinks and lunch. Some of the one day tour agencies offer an overnight stay on the island and provide a return boat on the next day (this should be arranged in advance).

A small number of people live on  Nok, mainly the national park guides and their families and very few tourists – for this reason the island and its surroundings are very well preserved.

The beaches are really magnificent with very soft white sand and amazing clear turquoise blue waters. Beautiful rain forest with Mangrove trees are found all over the island’s mainland.  Nok’s magnificent beach is called Ao Man Sai. At a short distance, which can be crossed by swimming, you can find Ko Rok Nai island with its own breathtaking beach, called Ao Sarn Chao. (it means the wind house beach).

Between these two islands there is a snorkeling paradise – clear turquoise blue waters and a large coral reef with many extravagant tropical fish (even our friend, Nemo the fish, can be found here).

In the below video you can enjoy plenty of pictures and clips of these two magnificent islands




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