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Koh Chang – ATV Field Trip

by Dr. David

Koh Chang Island is mostly mountainous with plenty of forests and very few paved roads – so the only way to explore nature is track by foot or take ATV tours.

Just like there are several elephant farms on the island and we chose the one that allows bathing in the sea with elephants – we also looked for the best Koh Chang ATV operator to completely suit us and our travelers’ needs.

♦ An article and video on bathing with elephants can be found at this link => Click here

♣ At the end of the article, you will find 2 videos on ATV tours in Koh Chang

Following the recommendations of locals, we came to a charming young man, an engineer in his profession, that Koh Chang ATV tours is the love of his life – and with him, we did a field trip with an ATV.

We set off around 4pm for a one-and-a-half-hour tour and indeed the recommendations we received on the guy were accurate – he took us on paths only he knows as the palm of his hand, in the jungle thicket and vegetation. There was no living soul along the way – only we, the guide and the ATV growl.

We went out when there was light and came back at dusk; it was even a bit dark in places with thick vegetation, and so turned on flashlights. In the end, it was an incredibly fun and enjoyable experience.

We did the Koh Chang ATV tour in February, an excellent month in terms of weather (relatively cool and without rain). From November, the amount of rainfall is relatively low. The field trip I did and the video I took – you can see in the attached video.

In addition, the charming guy who runs the ATV tours sent me several photos and videos taken during the rainy summer months in Ko Chang – and from what I’ve seen, this is an experience in itself, with waterfalls and streams created during this season, which can be visited during the ATV field trip.

I also made for you a video from the clips the ATV guy sent me, so you can be impressed, with your own eyes, from the ATV Tour experience during the rainy season.

A short summary and my opinion: Koh Chang ATV field trip is a fun, enjoyable experience for all ages; not too challenging, extreme or dangerous, but surely not a dull ride on a flat road.

I highly recommend it! Don’t miss it!!

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