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Introduction to Thailand’s islands

by Dr. David

Introduction to Thailand’s islandsA strange expression I heard many times is “We are going to the islands” – this expression is simply ridiculous and mistaken as there are so many different islands in Thailand and sometime even on a single island you can find totally different areas, beaches and bays which can give you such a different holiday feeling!

It is more than possible that the word “island” awakes your fantasies… and many tourists simply have a connotation of a magical holiday with that word! But keep in mind that some islands are not worth the time and trouble getting there.

Thailand offers a variety of islands which differ one from the other in many ways: they look different, feel different and give you a completely different holiday experience, they are located in different areas, the ways to get to them are different and their holiday season also varies.

Sometimes tourists imagine and expect certain views and feelings from their island and when they finally arrive at the island and the beach they chose, after spending time and money on flights, ferries, inland transportation, etc., they find out that the island is not at all what they expected.

In a nutshell, I can say that sometimes tourists do not know how to choose the right island or the best beach for their needs and sometimes they are simply not aware of the long tiring way to the island they have chosen, or they plan a holiday off season – so their holiday turns into a complete disappointment as well as a loss of cash.

As I have been to almost all of Thailand’s islands many times, to those on the west coast and on the east coast, to the islands on the near south and the far south as well as the islands near Cambodia, Burma and Malaysia I have decided to write a general review on almost all of Thailand’s islands, some are more popular and some are not so well known, with the hope that this article will serve you as a useful guide when it comes to choosing the best island, and the right beach and season for an unforgettable holiday!

From fantasy to reality:  in this series of articles I will write a short description about each and every island including a link to a more detailed review.  In this article I have included only islands which offer a reasonable level of services and resorts. In order to make it easier for you to find your island, I have divided the islands into groups:

Urban Islands: well developed islands with resorts towns, beaches, shopping centers etc., these islands resemble the resort towns on the mainland – in this group you will find Phuket and Ko Sumoi. Click here to read the full review…

Big natural islands:  this is a wonderful group of big natural islands which have not yet been completely commercialized.  In this group you can find Ko Chang, Ko Phangan and Ko Lanta. Click here to read the full review…

Small natural islands:  just like the big natural islands group only smaller islands in size. These islands give you a better feel of “an island”. In this group you can find Ko Lipe, Ko Samet, Ko Tao, Ko Phayam, Ko Yao Noi, Ko PhiPhi, Ko Talu.  In order to ease your reading I have split my review into two:Holiday in Thailand

Click here to read the first article

Click here to read the second article

Important Note:  This series of articles has been written about the islands however keep in mind that there are great resort towns in Thailand, such as Khao Lak and Hua Hin, etc. which offer wonderful beaches and plenty of other qualities. They are by far better than some of the islands.

For your convenience, here is a video I made about most of Thailand’s islands….Enjoy!!!




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