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Srinakarin Lake – Kanchanaburi

by Dr. David

Srinakarin Lake, KanchanaburiOn some of the web sites it looks as if the only tourist attractions in Kanchanaburi province are the bridge on the river Kwai, some elephants and the crowded Erawan Waterfalls.

However, in reality, Kanchanaburi province, the third largest province in Thailand, offers so much more – there is plenty of wild nature, rivers, waterfalls, caves, forests and lakes. There are tourist attractions and adventures for all ages and for every kind of tourist – walking treks, cruises on the river, stalagmite caves, historic sites, amazing waterfalls and plenty of good resorts.

This article will focus on Srinakarin Lake and the attractions it offers, such as overnight stay on the lake, marine sports, etc.

In the chapter I wrote about Kanchanaburi province tourist attractions there are a few articles including one about the beautiful Huai Mae Khamin Falls, to which a road has been built recently to allow for easy access. These falls are in my opinion much better than the crowded and very famous Erawan Falls.

Srinakarin Lake: Srinakarin Lake was created when the Thai government built Srinakarin Dam on the Kwai Yai River. The dam was built in order to avoid floods and to ensure water and electricity supply to the area’s residents.

In 1980, with the building of the dam, Srinakarin lake was created. The lake covers a very large area, (it is one of the biggest lakes in Thailand). The lake has plenty of fish and many come to enjoy fishing there.

Srinakarin Lake is surrounded by mountains covered with evergreen forests and some parts of it have been announced national parks, such as Srinakarin National Park, where the impressive Huai Mae Khamin Waterfalls are found.

The many resorts on the lake are a great overnight stay option for nature lovers who visit here as well as for other tourists who come to enjoy a relaxing holiday on the lake shore.

Srinakarin Lake is only one hour drive away from the town of Kanchanaburi and its southern part, near the dam, is very close to Erawan Waterfalls.

There are wonderful lookout points from the dam and Srinakarin National Park over the lake.

Some of the resorts on the lake shore facilitate overnight stay on the water as well as on the shore. Some of them offer marine sports such as Jet Ski, etc. – there is no doubt in my mind that overnight stay there is a wonderful experience.

Important Note: Srinakarin Lake and the resorts, (including the marine sports), can be included in TipTop-Travel best quality Kanchanaburi tour programs.

As always, here is a short video I prepared for you about the lake and one of the resorts which offers marine sports – enjoy!!



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