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Krabi Zipline : Tree Top

by Dr. David

Krabi Krabi Zipline Tree Top Adventure Park or “Flight of the Gibbons” have become famous tourist attractions in recent years. Some tourists seems to be under the impression that these attractions can only be found in a single place, however, in reality they can be found in many different locations in Thailand – in the center, the north, Ko Chang island as well as in other places.

Not many people know that there is such an attraction in Krabi province. This article is dedicated to it.

Hidden in a real rain forest with Krabi’s pretty limestone cliff as a background, you will find Tree Top Adventure(Krabi Zipline), a great adventure park where simply anyone can enjoy themselves regardless of their age. If you are challenge lovers you will find it lots of fun!

The company who built Tree Top Adventure Park in Krabi is the one who built the parks in Pattaya area and Ko Chang island. I had been to the Tree Top Adventure Park in Krabi on 2013 and had been very impressed with it – I even met a nice couple from Denmark who came there again that year as they liked it so much when they were there the year before. They said they wouldn’t want to miss the fun of it!

Click here for the Tree Top Adventure Park web site (Krabi Zipline).

The more adventure parks are built in different areas in Thailand the higher safety level and bigger assortment of games and challenges are offered.

In Krabi’s Tree Top Adventure Park (Krabi Zipline)  there are 54 different games such as flying skateboards, Spiderman rope climbing, and even riding a bike between the tree tops!!

One of the advantages of the Krabi’s  park is that the games have been divided into 4 levels of performance, from easy to extreme, so instead of doing all of them, you can simply choose which level is best for you.

I was happy to find out that the place has not yet become too commercialized – we were treated very nicely by the staff, we received excellent guidance before we went on the games and even the food was great J

Summary: if you take into consideration that the Tree Top Adventure Park(Krabi Zipline) is located next to whitewater rafting, ATVs and Phang Nga bay with its Kayaking cruises, then it is clear that Krabi province offers a dream holiday for any excitement and challenge lover in the world.

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