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Khao Lak – resorts and beaches

by Dr. David

Khao Lak – resorts and beachesIn my earlier article about Khao Lak, which in my opinion is the best place for

a holiday in Thailand, I reviewed the area and it’s great location in detail. Khao Lak’s location turns it into an ideal place for the many sport activities and tourist attractions found there.

As I wrote in my other article about Khao Lak, the area is the complete opposite of places such as Patong, (in Phuket), which has long lost its natural charm and turned into a crowded, low quality holiday area targeting your spending money more than anything else.






If you are looking for exotic nightlife on your Thailand holiday, combining prostitution and drug queens or just sun bathing on the beach and buying T-shirts and fake watches from the local dealers on the beach – Khao Lak is not the place for you.

Khao Lak Resorts

We can say about Khao Lak that it is a respectful holiday place. The local low in Khao Lak forbids building resorts and hotels higher than a palm tree, so that the many great resorts in the area don’t spoil the magnificent view you will see at the first moment of your arrival.

Anyone who just passed through Khao Lak, or stayed only one night there simply missed this enchanting place completely! One of Khao Lak’s biggest advantages is that there is no road along the coast line separating between the beaches and resorts.






The main road is far from the coast line. Between the main road and the beaches you can find, hiding behind the trees, many high quality hotels and resorts, plenty of restaurants, shops, pubs, clubs, etc. and all of these are found between the great beaches with their soft white sand and turquoise-blue waters and the pretty green mountains in the back.

Khao Lak beaches are spread over 20 Km. and since there is no road passing through the coast line many resorts are located right on the water – just as a lovely high quality holiday turns your imagination on.





If you’d like to get to know the place and enjoy its beauty and special atmosphere you should spend a few days there and get off the main road into the narrow passages leading to the sea – than its inner beauty at its best will be revealed to you.


I have created this web site and I write about places such as Khao Lak because I find it sad that many tourists are simply directed by certain interest holders towards some very crowded holiday locations which have lost their natural charm a long time ago.

I don’t intend to change all that, as the forces behind these interest holders’ are pretty strong, but I think that at least I can bring this information to those who read my articles, so they can enjoy their Thailand holiday much more.

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I think we should let the pictures do the talking – so sit down and enjoy the video I prepared for you bout Khao Lak’s resorts and beaches




Dr. David
Thailand-Expert : Thailand Travel Guide
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