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Travel from Prachuap Khiri Khan to Chumphon

by Dr. David

The way from Prachuap Khiri Khan to Chumphon ,  We started our jurney in Bangkok. We took highway number 35 at Rama 2 street and headed west. The first province through which we drove was Samut Sakon, and after a bit more than an hour we were in Samut SongKhram province, (Amphawa, Swimming Monkeys). 20 minutes later we took a left on a big intersection going south.

A short drive south took us to the ancient town of Petchburi related to the Ayutthaya period, with its amazing Palace on the Hill which can be reached by a cable car.  Approx. 30 minutes later we passed by the famous resort town of Cha Am and within another 20 minutes we arrived at the royal holiday town of Hua Hin.

As we headed down south we drove through the beach town of Pranburi and right after it passed Sam Roy Yot National Park. Another 20 minute drive, (approx. an hour from Hua Hin), took us to the province capital – the town of Prachuap Khirikhan.

Prachuap Khirikhan: although Prachuap Khirikhan is the province capital, it is much smaller than the royal holiday town of Hua Hin, (which is located in the north of this province).

This is a small and very pleasant beach town which is not well known to foreign tourists but is popular with the local folks who go there for the wonderful beaches and great seafood restaurants.

On the north of the town you can find Khao Chong Krajok mountain where the famous Wat Thammikaram temple is located. A long climb on the stairs going to the mountain top and the temple will take you to a breathtaking vantage point looking over the magnificent view. It is advised to be very careful with your belongings on the way up because of the many impolite monkeys around.

On the south of Prachuap Khirikhan you can find one of Thailand’s most beautiful bays – Ao Manao Bay. Apart from its beauty and the many tourist attractions found on the bay, it has also important from the historical point of view – this is where the Japanese invaded Thailand in World War II.

On Ao Manao Bay you can find wonderful beaches and plenty of action – Kayaks, ATV’s, shooting range, many restaurants, etc. In addition, there is a big and amazing aquarium there which resembles Water World of Bangkok.

Ao Manao Bay is located on a Thailand air force base, (5th Wing), however, tourists and civilians are more than welcome and there are plenty of guest houses and hotels available.

One of the special attractions of Ao Manao Bay are the Dusky Leaf Lagur monkeys found on the trees there. This is a special specie of monkeys which not only looks pretty but is also very shy and delicate – seeing these monkeys is not to be missed!!

If you are interested in visiting these exceptional monkeys you should go there during the morning hours when they are hungry and active. During noon time they are already sleepy.

Click here for an article about the beautiful Ao Manao Bay

Dan Sing Khon: This is the narrowest point in Thailand where its width is only 12 Km. This is also where the border crossing with Myanmar is found as well as a lovely furniture market with high quality Teak furniture.

Driving another couple of hours south from Prachuap Khirikhan got us to our next stop – the town of Chumphon. On our way we passed by Bang Saphan where a speed boat cruise can be taken to a small tropical island named Ko Talu – on which there is only one resort. The resort is of high quality and it offers snorkeling in the nearby coral reef as well as other activities such as fishing at night, kayaking, etc.

Chumphon town: the town of Chumphon is the capital of Chumphon province, located approx. 460 km. from Bangkok.

Chumphon province is the most northern province of the south of Thailand. The town of Chumphon is located on the Gulf of Thailand and it is actually the gateway to south Thailand. There is nothing special about the town of Chumphon except for the fact that you can easily reach Ko Tao from it. Ko Tao is very famous for its many diving and snorkeling schools.

From Chumphon you can reach Ko Tao by a 30 minutes cruise with Lomprayah ferry agency. From Ko Tao you can take a cruise to Ko Phangan and Ko Samui.

Right after the town of Chumphon the road splits into two – you can either keep on going south and arrive at the town of Surat Thani after a couple of hours or turn west and get to the town of Ranong after a couple of hours. This is where you can enjoy the Andaman Sea and it is the western gateway to south Thailand.Prachuap Khiri Khan

I will elaborate about the town of Ranong and the way leading south from it on a separate article.Prachuap Khiri Khan

As always, here is a short video I prepared for you to give you a taste of the way….Enjoy!!

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