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Wat Tham Khao Wong – Uthai Thani

by Dr. David

Wat Tham Khao Wong is one of the most prominent gems of Uthai Thani – the most southern province in northern Thailand. It’s a spectacular temple that strikes the eye with its calm beauty and pastoral nature. It doesn’t look like a temple and you don’t have to be a temple enthusiast to enjoy its beauty and the magical atmosphere that surrounds you when visiting the site.

Uthai Thani province is on the way to Chiang Mai and northern Thailand in general. Even though it borders with the famous Kanchanaburi province, Uthai Thani remains an ‘unseen’ province, beyond the standard tour routes that draw tourist crowds.

Uthai Thani’s relative closeness to Bangkok, and the fact that it hasn’t been heavily toured by crowds of tourists, makes the province an ideal destination for those who want to view and experience the authentic, beautiful and pleasant Thailand – that hasn’t been commercialized yet.

For those who have already visited Thailand (and those who haven’t), I definitely recommend you dare and break the dreary routine of familiar tourist routes and crowded destinations. Go elsewhere and dare to explore unseen provinces such as Uthai Thani. It’s a pleasant, well kept, welcoming province, with lush green nature that surrounds you wherever you go, and locals who will greet you with a genuine smile, as they are still excited to meet a visitor who came from afar.

In the series of articles covering Uthai Thani, I reviewed some of the gems and highlights in the province, and this time, I will review one of the most beautiful, unique temples – Wat Tham Khao Wong.

Wat Tham Khao Wong

When I first laid eyes on a picture of the temple ( Wat Tham Khao Wong  ), I thought it was a special resort in the nature. It didn’t seem like a temple at all, certainly not a typical Thai temple, but rather something different and exceptional. Surely, you will feel the same upon visiting there.

Since I first saw its picture, I got to visit the temple twice, and every time I was struck by the beauty, serenity, and pastoral atmosphere of the place. It is located in a district called Ban Rai, an hour drive from the city of Uthai Thani (the capital of the province); its surrounding is full of natural parks, mountains and green fields.

The temple was built in 1987 by monks who lived on site, and since some of them were carpenters – it was built entirely of wood that was contributed by the locals.

The structure contains several levels, and integrates wonderfully with the mountainside where it sits. The temple front features a lake with a wide variety of fish, and the entire structure is placed in a blossoming garden. The beauty of the place is hard to describe in words. Behind the temple, there are several caves where the monks can meditate.

My opinion: a beautiful, pastoral site, which is a must see when visiting Uthai Thani.

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