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The Thai Jurassic Park (Hup Pa Tat) – Uthai Thani

by Dr. David

Uthai Thani province is one of the southern provinces of northern Thailand ; it is an unseen destination that very few tourists know and come to visit. Uthai Thani abounds with mountains and pastoral nature and one of the most famous local attractions is the valley/cave called Hup Pa Tat, in the district of Lan Sak, some 30 minutes away from Uthai Thani City.

Hup Pa Tat, In ancient times, the valley was in a huge cave; when a part of its ‘ceiling’ collapsed, it enabled the sun rays to reach into the valley, only during the noon, when the sun was particularly high.

The result was a valley crowned by high limestone rocks Thailand jurassic park, completely detached from the usual nature outside the cave/valley. These conditions of partial sunlight and high moist, along with absolute seclusion from the environment, have caused accelerated growth of ferns and unique palms that were common in the pre-historic time, but currently are very rare and hard to find elsewhere Thailand jurassic park.

The cave was discovered in 1979 by a local monk who also dug off and carved an opening of dozens of meters, to allow a convenient access to the valley. At a later stage, the Department of National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation recognized the uniqueness and importance of the valley and took the place under its wings to make sure it is well preserved.

In order to go deep, you must go through the tunnel that was carved along 100 meters or so. Though it is dark, while purchasing the admission tickets, visitors receive flashlights. After passing through the dark tunnel, you’ll find yourself all the sudden in the special valley, feeling as though you are time-traveling to a different world.

In the valley, there are organized walking paths that will guide your way among those giant ferns and pre-historic palms I mentioned earlier, with huge limestone rocks framing and crowning your path. The feeling is unique and magical and it’s easy to imagine the dinosaurs who used to live in similar natural settings many years ago, in ancient times.

The area is clean and well maintained, including bathrooms and a kiosk offering coffee, soft drinks, ice cream, and snacks.

My Opinion: Hup Pa Tat : A unique, ‘unseen’ site, that is well worth a visit.


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Feel free to check out the clip I took on site… Enjoy!! 


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