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The Chinese Village of Ban Rak Thai – Mae Hong Son

by Dr. David

The Chinese Village of Ban Rak Thai / Mae Hong Son , The Ban Rak Thai village name means “the village of those who love Thailand” and it was originally established as Mae Aw by warriors from Yunnan province in China, who escaped to Myanmar following the communist revolution, and from there, continued to fight against China. In the early 60s, the Chinese invaded to Shan in Myanmar and these warriors had to run away and cross the border, to Thailand.

The Thai government has agreed to give the warriors refuge, in order for them to protect Thailand’s northern border from the spreading of communism. Then, the village title was changed to Ban Rak Thai, but its former name – Mae Aw still appears in different books and maps.

The Ban Rak Thai village is located around a small, picturesque lake, with multiple tea fields, and the sight is simply delightful. The place has many tea shops, especially for U-Long tea which is highly popular in the area. There are several restaurants on the lake, which serve the best cuisines of Yunnan province along with lovely, unique resorts.

Not only is this place beautiful, but also the road which gets you there – some 45 km from theBan Rak Thai city of Mae Hong Son, the route stretches away, delightful and pleasing; it passes through marvelous landscapes including Pha Suea waterfall – the most beautiful waterfall in the province – which I highly recommend you visit.

A short drive away from Ban Rak Thai, you’ll find these attractions:

Pang Tong Palace ==> click the link
Su Tong Pae bamboo bridge ==> click the link
Phu Klon Mud Spa ==> click the link
Pang Oung ==> click the linkBan Rak Thai

My opinion:  Ban Rak Thai highly recommended

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