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Temple of Wat Pa Tam Wua – Mae Hong Son

by Dr. David

The Lovely Meditation Temple of Wat Pa Tam Wua / Mae Hong Son ,      On the way between Tham Lod (Lod cave) and the city of Mae Hong Son, there is a magical, mystical, pastoral place called Wat Pa Tam Wua – Forest Monastery: a center for studies of Buddhism, spirituality and vipassana (Buddhist meditation).

When I looked it up, I was unable to find a review by a traveler who visited there (as I have), but hardly any reviews by people who meditated there. I have no knowledge of the visiting policy on site, but thanks to my good friend Ethan, a resident of Mae Hong son who traveled with me, I learned of the hidden local gems, and so we arrived at this magical place and visited there.

We wondered around for an hour or so, while I took pictures and captured what I saw. It didn’t seem as though we bothered anyone, so I suppose that a small group visiting there shouldn’t be a problem – as long as the visitors keep quiet and respect the place.

As the website states – the monks speak Thai and English, and if you’d like to meditate – you can stay there without any cost. Of course – you shouldn’t treat it as a free hotel or resort, but rather come to engage in the spiritual experience.

As for myself, I was merely a visitor and yet I was taken by the mystical beauty Wat Pa Tam Wuaof the place; surrounded by nature, towering mountains, several caves and waterfalls. The visit was a unique, moving experience.

My opinion:  Temple of Wat Pa Tam Wua visiting the place was a unique, exceptional experience 

 The Wat Pa Tam Wua temple is on the route of Tiptop Travel tour plans in northern Thailand and may be included in your private tour, Wat Pa Tam Wuaif you wish.

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