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Phu Klon Mud Spa – Mae Hong Son

by Dr. David

Phu Klon Mud

Spa Thailand / Mae Hong Son , In 1995, a group of geologistsSpa Thailand discovered a hot spring which abounds with mud, in a rice field in the area, and villagers told the researchers that the mud is known for its healing and relaxing qualities.

Chemical analyses that were conducted on site indicated that the mud is rich with minerals and indeed, has a very positive effect on the skin, much like mud from the dead sea.

In The year of 2000 Phu Klon Mud Spa mae hong son was the pening of a simple, yet lovely spa where you can enjoy several types of treatments and masks in affordable prices: some 1,200 baht for a 90-minue full body mask or a 15-minute face mask which costs some 80 baht. You can also bathe there, in a bath full of hot spring waters, get a Thai massage or enjoy an aromatic massage. Spa Thailand

Phu Klong Mud Spa is open every day from 8:00 PM – 5:00 pm.

A short drive away from the Phu Klon Mud Spa mae hong son , you’ll find the following attractions:

Pang Tong Palace ==> click the link
Su Tong Pae bamboo bridge ==> click the link
Pha Suea Waterfalls ==> click the link
Pang Oung ==> click the link

The Chinese village of Ban Rak Thai ==> click the linkSpa Thailand

My opinion:  Phu Klon Mud Spa , a simple, humble place, which provides a nice experience. I recommend face masks for the entire family.

 The Phu Klon Mud Spa mae hong son is included in Tiptop Travel tour plans in northern Thailand.

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