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Pang Oung “Switzerland of Thailand” – Mae Hong Son

by Dr. David

Pang OungSwitzerland of Thailand” / Mae Hong Son ,   Pang Oung Pang Oung“Switzerland of Thailand” is a spectacular, beautiful area, some 40 km away from the city of Mae Hong Son, very close to the authentic Chinese village Ban Rak Thai. Pang Oung is one of the hidden treasures of Mae Hong Son province, and those who visit here find it hard to believe they are in Thailand. There’s a large lake with black and white swans, surrounded by pine trees and mountain chains – such sights bring Switzerland to mind, rather than Thailand, and so it is known as “Switzerland of Thailand”.

In the past, the area was known for illegal opium crops, but the king and queen of Thailand  Pang Oungdecided to intervene and advance the area. They’ve established a royal project that included building a large water reserve and an agricultural center, where villagers were taught to practice modern agriculture with various crops such as avocado, pears etc. – instead of opium.

The area appeals to local nature enthusiasts who enjoy the beauty and serenity of the place. It features guesthouses and camping sites, and the visitors are welcome to enjoy walking tracks in the cool, fresh air, in the beautiful natural lake setting with the mountains that surround it; they can sail smoothly on the pastoral lake and watch one of the main attractions on site – 2 pairs of swans, one black and the other white – that were donated to the place by queen Sirkit. Pang Oung

The following sites are a short drive away from Pang Oung:

Pang Tong Palace ==> click the link
Su Tong Pae bamboo bridge ==> click the link
Phu Klon Mud Spa ==> click the link
Pha Suea Waterfall ==> click the link
The Chinese village Ban Rak Thai ==> click the link

My opinion:  Pang Oung beautiful, serene nature…highly recommended

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