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Pai Canyon – Mae Hong Son

by Dr. David

Pai Canyon is one of the most interesting and impressive attractions Pai Canyonin the town of Pai. In Thai, it is known as Kong Lann – an area with an exceptional, highly impressive geographic form.

For many years, the local soil has been eroded, and what was ultimately left – were upright vertical planks, some sort of ‘shelves’ laying on their narrow side, particularly steep from both sides and very narrow, intertwining along and across the whole valley.

Pai Canyon is located some 8 km outside of Pai and it’s very easy to reach the first vantage point, only a few minutes’ walk from the parking place. You can stop here and simply enjoy the unique, charming view – and brave travelers can walk on the narrow ranges, into the depth of the valley and the canyon.

However, such a walk isn’t intended for the faints of heart; even brave ones Pai Canyonshould consider that there are no safety tools, banisters or barriers around – so one wrong move can drop you into a 30-meter abyss!!

The ideal times to visit the Pai canyon are early morning or late afternoon hours – so you can enjoy spectacular sunsets. No admission fee is required.

My opinion: Impressive and interesting. Definitely worth a visit before the sun sets on the canyon.


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