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Wat Ban Den – Mae Taeng area – Chiang Mai

by Dr. David

Wat Ban Den / Mae Taeng area / Chiang Mai , I’ll start from the bottom line this time – Wat Ban Den is a unique, spectacular place to visit – seemingly taken from an illustrated fairy tale and gracefully placed in this area.

In my opinion, Wat Ban Den is the most beautiful temple in Thailand (and I’ve seen plenty of them), which must be considered as a marvelous sight regardless of its classification, and a must see – even for someone who is hardly a temple enthusiast.
Truth be told, I didn’t even know this place existed until I happened to travel in the area, and noticed (from afar) a phenomenal, spectacular sight, which I decided to explore up close (Wat Ban Den Temple sits on a low hill, and thus, it can be seen from afar).

We drove astray from the main road and headed towards the complex in a short, few minutes’ drive, stopped in the parking lot and though we’d be spending a couple of minutes there. However, once we entered the temple, we discovered a breath-taking sight we couldn’t take our eyes off – a huge complex, with multiple, colorful structures scattered around, as though taken from a Disney feature.
We wondered around the large complex and admired the beautiful structures and sights around, including the giant, colorful statues that were scattered all around. We indulged in the serenity of the site and unable to depart – wandered around for 3 hours, until darkness fell and we had to leave. From then on, we drove to an excellent resort that was waiting for us nearby (booked in advance), and resumed our tour plan. However, I am positive that I’d like to revisit this wonderful temple during my next tour in the area.

A short look back into Wat Ban Den’s History
Let us start by introducing the temple in its full name: Wat Bandensali Wat Ban DenSi Mueang Kaen. located in Mae Taeng district in Chiang Mai province, the complex consists of various structures that are set on a low hill, crowned by a lovely surrounding.
In 1988, an abbot named Kruba Tuaengg got hold of the place and decided to completely renovate it, aiming to establish a spectacular complex where people can easily find a true piece of mind. Since the abbot was very famous, he received generous donations for the renovation, and indeed, the temple became a spectacular site; a joy to the eyes and a treat to the souls of locals and now also tourists who started hearing about the beautiful temple and felt compelled to visit.

The Wat Ban Den temple is hardly ancient but it is built Lanna Style, with a main structure of Wat Ban Denteak hardwood and granite planks in the center, surrounded by multiple structures.12 Chedi were built on site to represent the 12 animals of the Thai Zodiac (which resembles the Chinese); you’ll find the impressive statues scatterred throughout the place. Most of the renovation was completed by 2009, and the place became famous among Thai citizens; as of late, tourists began visiting the place as well, after hearing about the wonderful experience that awaits them.

I am more than happy to tell you about Wat Ban Den and I highly recommend it. Choosing a few pictures to accompany this short article wasn’t an easy task – but you can see the rest of them in the clip I’ve attached.

To Conclude: Wat Ban Den is a wonderful place to visit, and a spectacular, breathtaking sightWat Ban Den to behold!! It shouldn’t be considered merely as a temple (certainly not ‘yet another one’). Rather, feast your eyes and open your heart to a rare visual and spiritual delight, for both temple enthusiasts AND those who are not (like myself). Kids of all ages and of course, adults with different interests and likes, can all enjoy the beauty, serenity and piece of this wonderful site.

My opinion: a must see, highly recommended destination.

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