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Sankampaeng Hot Springs – Chiang Mai

by Dr. David

Sankampaeng Hot Springs –  Chiang MaiSankampaeng is a districtSankampaeng Hot Springs in Chiang Mai province, very close to the city of Chiang Mai (east of the city).  Some 30 km south of Chiang Mai city, slightly after the umbrella and handicraft villages (Bo Sang & Sankampaeng), you’ll find Sankampaeng Hot Springs – a highly popular destination along standard tourist routes – hence its mediocre quality.

Personally, I didn’t like the place (to say the least) and consider the visit there a complete waste of time. In fact, to put is briefly and concisely: even if it was located right in front of my house and offered free admission – I doubt that I would visit there. Even once would be too much…

There’s not too much to tell of the Sankampaeng Hot Springs : a display of water jet streams bursting out of some tubes; a few canals to dip your feet and a mediocre swimming pool – you’ll find nicer pools in 3 star hotels.

My opinion: Sankampaeng Hot Springs  place is not even remotely interesting. It’s better to practice yoga in your own room or some macramé. You won’t be missing out on anything special if you skip this place.

♥ Sankampaeng Hot Springs is not included in TipTop Travel private quality tours to northern Thailand.

FYI: not far from these hot springs you’ll find Onsen and Roong Aroonn Sankampaeng Hot Springs– far better and more pleasant hot springs. If you are around and looking for good ones – I recommend trying one of them.


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