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Pong Dueat Hot Spring / Chiang Mai

by Dr. David

Pong Dueat Hot Spring / Chiang Mai , “The Geyser”, or in its full name Pong Dueat Hot Spring,Pong Dueat Hot Spring is located in district of Mae Taeng, in the province of Chiang Mai. Mae Taeng district borders with Pai district, which pertains to Mae Hong Son province. Specifically, you’ll find ‘The Geyser” in a national park called Huai Nam Dang.

Pong Dueat Hot Spring “The Geyser” is right next to the border between the 22 districts, very close to a road which leads to Pai (route 1095), so that many websites attribute the “geyser” to Pai.


Since Pong Dueat Hot Spring is located in a national park, you must pay an admission fee to Pong Dueat Hot Springenter the “geyser” location. After walking a couple of hundred meters on a path that is elevated from the ground, you will get there, but don’t expect towering, fountain-like jets of water – for you will be disappointed! Rather you will see a rather murky, steamy puddle with some bubbly water, and a smell of sulfur.

Therefore, I’ve consistently kept “the geyser” in quotation marks.
If you do keep walking some more, for hundreds o

f meters or so, all you will find are a few simple pools to bathe in, with male/female separation, along with simple, humble guestrooms.


Pong Dueat Hot Spring

To sum it up: Pong Dueat Hot Spring a rather mediocre ‘attraction’ which  isn’t particularly interesting. If you happened to pass by, and have no other interesting plans, you may stop there, if you want to…





My opinion: a mediocre attraction that isn’t worth a designated ride.

Check out the attached clip of the “geyser” which I took on site… enjoy!!


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