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Mork Fa Waterfall / Chiang Mai 

by Dr. David

Mork Fa waterfall is a site in Mae Taeng district in Chiang Mai,Chiang Mai  rather close to the main road (route 1095) which leads to Pai and Mae Hong Son. The Mork Fa waterfall is not particularly high or large, but certainly beautiful, among the finest, most pleasant waterfalls in northern Thailand. 

Mork Fa waterfall can be found in Doi Suthep-Pui National Park, in a wonderfully green area that hasn’t been commercialized yet. The waterfall is 60 meters high, and the water falls freely in 2-3 streams into a pool at the bottom of the waterfall Chiang Mai. 

A 500-meter path takes you from the parking place (where the park offices are located, along with very clean toilet) right to the river. The path is shaded throughout, very comfortable to walk in, and surrounded by green nature, so it can serve all ages, Chiang Mai including those who aren’t good walkers. I recommend taking water bottles when visiting the waterfall. 

During the morning hours, the sun rays and waterfall drops create stunning rainbows and the sight of the water on the background of a vertical rock and lush green plantation is spectacular. The water is crystal clear and the bathing experience is very refreshing. 

Not far from the waterfall’s higher side, there’s a bat cave and an upper path leads you there, so you can spend more time in the area and explore it beyond the waterfall experience.  

In conclusion: Mork Fa waterfall have several advantages beyond their natural beauty – easy arrival, comfortable bathing possibilities (remember to bring your bathing suits and towels) and most importantly – a water flow that persists all through the year, even in the hot, dry months, in the unpleasant weather conditions of the northern summer. 

Of course, during the rainy months and right after them, there is a larger amount of water in the waterfall.  

My opinion: among the most beautiful and pleasant waterfalls in the north. Highly recommended!! 

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