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The Giant Café – Chiang Mai

by Dr. David

Chiang Mai / The Giant Café ,  A 90-minute drive from the city of Chiang Mai Giant Cafe, while heading towards the east in the district of Mae On, will lead you to a small village in the middle of the jungle, called Pok Village. There, one of the most surprising and amazing attractions awaits, seemingly taken from a children’s tale – a coffee place called the Giant Café, sitting on a Banyan tree-top, overlooking the marvelous landscape of its surrounding.

After parking your vehicle near the entrance to the Giant Café , a hanging rope bridge will lead you there – to a large wooden pallet stretching between giant tree branches, with lovely seating areas and tables, chairs and parasols. The atmosphere on site is lovely and even exciting; the staff is hospitable and kind and the coffee is delicious! It is made of coffee beans that grow in the area. Keep in mind that we are talking about a nice coffee place, not a restaurant, so don’t expect to dine on a full meal there, but you can surely enjoy the small snacks available.

In addition to its unique setting, the Giant Café provides another pleasant surprise:Giant Cafe a zip-line leading directly from the coffee place to a nearby tree, some 200 meters away. You can go back and forth and even have your picture taken while doing it, hanging between the sky and the ground and having a great time, possibly with a glass of drink in your hands :) ** The cost is around 200 baht.

You’ll also be pleasantly surprised to hear that the site offers several rooms (around 5) which means you can spend the night on a treetop, if you’ve always dreamt to do so.

Further nearby attractions include: zip-lines, Mae Kampong waterfall, cliff climbing and more, so you can enjoy a full day (and more) here. To help our travelers who would like to include the Giant Café and nearby attractions as part of our private luxury tours, we’ve already scanned the area and found some lovely resorts and restaurants for you!

Arrival: As previously mentioned, the Giant Café is a 90-minute drive away from Chiang Mai. If you plan to Giant Cafedrive independently, bear in mind that the route passes through narrow, local roads up the mountain and into the jungle. Also, the last part of the ride is rather hard, with twists and turns along the way – so if you are inexperienced in driving in Thailand – I wouldn’t recommend taking this path as an independent drive.

Opening Hours: every day excluding Mondays between 8:30 AM – 5 PM. In different reviews of the place it is often recommended to book your place in advance, but the website states this is not necessary – so consider and decide as you please. We haven’t pre-ordered, yet didn’t encounter any problems.

FYI: For the time being, I haven’t included The Giant Café in Tiptop Travel private luxury tour routes in Chiang Mai and northern Thailand, which will be posted soon. However, if you’re interested in combining a day tour in the area as part of your luxury tour, we would be more than happy to do it for you.Giant CafeGiant Cafe

♥ We’ve already explored the area thoroughly and found some lovely resorts and restaurants for you – as you can see in the attached picture.Giant Cafe

My opinion: you won’t see this anywhere else – so don’t miss out on this rare experience!


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♣ I took the attached clip of The Giant Café on site…Enjoy!


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