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Chiang Dao Cave – Chiang Mai

by Dr. David

Chiang Mai / Chiang Dao CaveChiang Dao area, town and cavewhich carry the same name – are in Chiang Mai province, some 70 km north of Chiang Mai city, and 40 minutes away when driving from Mae Taeng area. The name Chiang Dao means – City of Stars.

The town is located in the green planes down the nearby mountains, and the great cliffs and mountain tops towering around grant the area an impressive, beautiful appearance.

The main attraction in the area is Chiang Dao cave, which is in fact, a complex of 100 caves that are connected to one another. The caves spread along some 12 km below the nearby mountain-City of Starschains, with passageways and multiple spaces that only few of them are open for visitors. In fact, only 5 caves are open to the public and merely 2 of them are lit, which enables you to tour and explore them independently. The other 3 caves are dark and you will need a local guide, equipped with a flashlight to lead the way inside.

While in the Chiang Dao Cave , you can see stalactites and stalagmites, and some of them shine in colorful lights, among many small temples, statues and other items.If you’d like to visit the 3 caves that are completely dark, you must be assisted by a local guide to direct you through the mazes and narrow passages inside.


City of StarsPlease keep in mind that the place is sacred for the Thai people, so dress appropriately and behave accordingly – certainly don’t take anything from the cave! If your clothing isn’t suitable, you may borrow a robe on site. Outside the cave, you’ll find a lovely pool with fish – whom your kids will be happy to feed.

To sum it up: the entire area is impressive and beautiful, even when just passing by and driving around. There are more impressive caves than the stalactites cave, yet the Chiang Dao Cave area still provides an interesting, adventurous and surprising experience for kids of all ages, and surely, adults will also enjoy exploring it.

My opinion:  Chiang Dao Cave. a fun, interesting site. City of Stars

I highly recommend it, especially for families with kids.

The site and the cave are included in Tiptop Travel tour plans in the north, and the routes which include Chiang Rai City of Stars



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