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Bua Thong waterfalls – Si Lanna National Park – Chiang Mai

by Dr. David

Chiang Mai / Si Lanna National Park / Bua Thong waterfalls ( Buathong )

While northern Thailand (and the entire country, for that matter) abounds with waterfalls, Bua Thong waterfalls stand out, and you won’t see similar sites anywhere else in Thailand, so I highly recommend visiting them as part of your northern tour.


Enjoy this special experience, which is available on the southern part of Sri Lanna National Park, some 90 minutes away (by car) from the city of Chiang Mai. The Bua Thong waterfalls are cradled in the beautiful, green scenery of Sri Lanna.

They are often referred to as The Sticky Bua Thong waterfalls, and here comes an explanation of this title’s origin, so you will know what makes them so special. The Bua Thong ( Buathong )waterfalls are known to be “sticky” due to an exceptional phenomenon – limestone rocks are covered by a unique mineral which creates a coarse surface you cannot slip from.

The white-cream colored material resembles a rough sponge and enables to “stick” your feet to the unique surface. Unlike other waterfalls, where the water fall freely from a considerable height into a water pool, Bua Thong waterfalls have 33 steps and the water go down a diagonal slope (in a 50 degrees’ angle).



Bua Thong waterfalls

The unique structure and texture of the rocks, that seaweed does not grow on, and the waterfalls’ slope enable to easily climb up – hence the name “The Sticky Waterfalls”. Additionally, there are ropes that will surely assist you when climbing, if you need some help along the way.

Apart from the unique beauty and lush colors of the place – white rocks tucked in green nature – the ability to climb up the waterfalls is what makes it so special and grants them their “sticky” reputation – you can climb up as all other visitors and really get into a ‘Spiderman mode’…

Bua Thong waterfalls

A short walking distance from the Bua Thong waterfalls , you’ll find a natural spring of mineral waters, called Namphu Chet Si – the 7 Colors Spring, which glistens in a perfect crystal-blue color. This spring grants the area with its name – Namphu Chet Si Park.

My opinion: I highly recommend it, don’t miss out on this great site!

In conclusion: the entire area is still off the standard tourist grid, away from the common, redundant path. However, it is popular among locals, as well as foreigners who live in Chiang Mai. You won’t be seeing plenty of tourist buses, and the site is hardly commercialized – which sadly, I can’t say for other places in Chiang Mai.

Bua Thong waterfalls

The area is beautiful and enjoyable even for those who don’t plan to engage in cliff climbing – it provides a beautiful, unique and pastoral setting, small pools with crystal clear water, plenty of butterflies and a great picnic location (there are also several restaurants on site).

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♣ Check out the attached clip of Bua Thong waterfalls …Enjoy!


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