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Muang Sing Historical Park – Kanchanaburi

by Dr. David

Muang Sing Historical Park , Muang Sing Historical Park is a very pretty park located just off road number 3445, approx. 43 Km. from the town of Kanchanaburi, next to Tha Kilen Train Station.

Muang Sing Historical Park means the Lion’s City. There are remains of an old Khmer temple and a small museum with local clay pots and figurines at the park.

There are 10 historical parks in Thailand. There are articles I wrote on this web site about two of them – Prasat Phanom Rung, which is located next to the town of Buriram in Isaan province and Phra Nakhon Khiri Historical Park, located in Phetchburi province, (between Amphawa and Hua Hin). You can click on the links to read more about these historical parks.

3 out of the 10 historical parks exhibit the remains of the Khmer Empire. I intend to write an article shortly, about the third historical park, Phimai Historical Park, located next to the town of Kurat, in Isaan province, where I visited.

The remains of the town and Muang Sing temple are a testimony of the great Cambodian Khmer Empire at that time. Some 800 years ago the Cambodian empire stretched out all the way to western Thailand. The empire built a town in this strategic place on the Khwae Noi River, which at the time served as a big market place and a fort.

Spread over 700 acres and surrounded by an 880 meter long wall the historical park exhibits the remains of 4 buildings. There are 4 gates on the wall and 6 pools which were used for irrigation and worship.

In addition, there is a small museum on the park’s grounds exhibiting samples of old Khmer clay pots and figurines which were found here. The historical park is under the responsibility of the Art Department of the Thai Ministry of Culture and Education.

Opening Hours: opens daily between 08:30 – 16:30

Entrance Fee: 100 Baht

How to get there: by train or car

Important Note: Muang Sing Historical Park can be included in TipTop-Travel best quality Kanchanaburi tour programs.

** Since taking the “Death Train” is a highly recommended tourist attraction and as Thai trains are not always on time, TipTop-Travel call the train staff to find out when is the train expected to arrive at Tha Kilen Train Station and then instead of just waiting for the train at the station TipTop-Travel take the tourists to see the historical park, even if it has not been included in TipTop-Travel tour program in advance. I recommend this to other tourists too.

As always, here is a short video I prepared for you about the historical park – enjoy!!



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