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Hindad Hot Springs Kanchanaburi

by Dr. David

Hindad Hot Spring ,  Hindad Hot Spring were discovered by chance by a group of Japanese soldiers who stayed in the area during World War II for the construction of The Death Railway, which connected between Thailand and Burma (Myanmar).

The hot springs are located in northern Kanchanaburi province, in the district of Thong Pha Phum, at the feet of the Tenasserim range which borders with Myanmar.

The Hindad Hot Springs are found approx. 120 Km. away from the town of Kanchanaburi and half an hour by car from Hellfire Pass.

Hindad Hot Springs are found in an evergreen forest on the river banks. This wild nature forest with plenty of shade is no doubt great fun.

The hot spring waters are drained into 3 pools, approx. 1.5 meters deep, located right on the river bank. Two of these pools are open to the crowd and one is allocated for monks use only.

The place is very well kept and the pool’s water temperature is 40-50 deg. Celsius. Actually, one pool is a bit warmer than the other. The pools are located one next to the other alongside the river, so it is easy to hop from one pool to the other and take a deep in the cool river in between to stimulate your blood circulation – this truly is a wonderful sensation.

The Hot Springs also offer Thai massage, dressing rooms, lockers where you can keep your belongings and a restaurant. Many of the visitors are Thais, however, some tourists have already discovered the place, (as can be seen in the video below).

Note: tourists taking our best quality Kanchanaburi tours, enjoy an overnight stay at an amazing resort in the jungle on the river banks, only half an hour drive from Hindad Hot Springs area.

How to get to the hot springs: the springs are located 130 Km. north of the town of Kanchanaburi and getting to them is pretty simple. Take road number 323 and you will see many signs pointing their location, along the road – you can’t go wrong.

** As always, here is a short video of the hot springs I prepared for you – Enjoy!!

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