Pa La U Waterfall

Pala-U Waterfalls

by Dr. David

Pala-U Waterfalls ( Pa La-U Waterfall ), When we mention the name of the wonderful resort town of Hua Hin, most people would imagine the nearest place to Bangkok where they can find great beaches with soft white sand, clean and clear turquoise-blue water, all kinds of water sports, horseback riding, excellent hotels and resorts… to put it in short – an ideal place for a beach holiday.

Indeed, Hua Hin is considered to be the best holiday town in Thailand with its wonderful beaches, great restaurants, markets, etc.

Most people are not aware of the magnificent wild nature and national parks found around Hua Hin – Sam Roi Yot National Park and Kaeng Krachan National Park, (the biggest national park in Thailand).

This article will concentrate on the Pala-U waterfalls found in an evergreen forest by the same name, only 60 Km. (approx. an hour drive), from the holiday town of Hua Hin.

Kaeng Krachan National Park is the biggest national park in Thailand. It spreads over parts of 2 Thai provinces – Petchburi and Prachuab Khiri Khan where the town of Hua Hin is located.

Pala-U waterfalls are located in the south of Kaeng Krachan National Park, approx. 60 Km. west of the holiday town of Hua Hin, and the road leading to it is relatively easy.

The waterfalls’ name, Pa La-U Waterfall , means “The Bamboo Forest” in the local Karen dialect. The waterfalls are found in a creek in the Tenasserim mountains which border with Myanmar.

The area is covered by lash evergreen forest with many wild animals, such as elephants, tigers, monkeys, birds and butterflies.

Pala-U waterfalls actually have 15 steps and each one of them is different in its character and look. You can climb up to the 5th step by yourself, without one of the national park’s guides.

The distance between the steps is approx. 150 meters and there are signs along the path so you know your way around, however, its nature has mostly been kept untouched to keep its impression of paradise.

I climbed up to the 4th step with a group I took there, but had to return due to previous obligations, while the group went on climbing to the 5th step with a guide. I heard the 5th step was very pretty.

There is a small waterfall and a natural pool on the 4th step where you can enjoy swimming a little with the many fish around. As you can see in the picture the two sweet girls are having fun with the fish.

It is important to say that climbing up the Pa La-U Waterfall steps is not done on a paved path but rather climbing on the rocks, ropes, etc. and is kind of an adventure – but as you can see in the pictures even young children can do it without too much of an effort! Having said all that, the waterfalls are not recommended to those who have trouble walking.

For extreme and trek lovers – you can climb up to the top step (15th) with a local guide. I heard the view up there is absolutely breathtaking.

It is important to say that not only the waterfalls area is pretty, but the way from Hua Hin to it is gorgeous too; There are many plantations in the valleys along the road and lovely evergreen forests on the mountains at the back… the land here is great for farming and gets a lot of rain so the whole area has wonderful fruit.

For anyone who wishes to stay overnight in the area, there are plenty of resorts and restaurants available, there is an article about one of them called The Sala here.

Although we didn’t announce we were coming to Pala-U waterfalls, we were greeted by a large herd of red-faced monkeys, which waited for us on the sides of the road leading to the national park. We did not disappoint them – we stopped at the side of the road and played with them a little and then drove on.

I am well aware that when you enjoy Hua Hin’s wonderful beaches so much, you might not want to go to a national park… but I strongly recommend that you make the effort to go to Pala-U waterfalls, as it is certainly worth your while.

In addition, I recommend that you read an article I recently published about Hua Hin. Click here to read the article about Hua Hin

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As always, you can see the rest of the pictures I took on the way to the Pa La-U Waterfall  and at the waterfalls in the video I prepared for you – Enjoy!!


Dr. David
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