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Cicada Market – Hua Hin town

by Dr. David

Cicada market is an unusual market, actually it is more of a bazaar than a market.  It is open at night time on weekends in the royal holiday town of Hua Hin.

SAM_0046_tnLocated in a park at the south of Hua Hin, you will find Cicada Market. The market is found in Khao Tabiab district of Hua Hin – at a distance of a few minutes from the town center.







This market is completely different than any other market you will ever see in Thailand. It is more of a bazaar really and it is very well kept. As the market is located in a park and opens only during the relatively cool evening hours, it is a lovely way to spend some time outdoors.

It is hard to define Cicada Market; It is basically a combination of an SAM_0109_tninteresting art & craft fair and a high class flee market. There are street artists, amphitheater, music shows, etc. and an eating area where you will find an enormous variety of great Thai food and western food – all kept clean and in a neat order.







The market is divided into 4 different areas. The main area is called Art La Mode – this is where you’ll find many special clothing stalls, home ware and home decor as well as plenty of other interesting stuff, mostly novel handicraft with a touch of modern art.

There are 2 white stands called Cicada Art Factory – where young artists show Cicada Markettheir works – pictures, paintings, sculptures, etc.

The exhibit change from time to time in order to give as many young artists as possible a chance to expose their art work.







Another area is the amphitheater where there are music, dance and theater performances. The spectators are invited to take part at the shows and this is great fun for everyone.

In addition, there are music, dance and pantomime performances in other parts of the market, just like you’d find in any other bazaar. In short, there’s never a dull moment in Cicada Market.

I can’t tell you about Cicada Market without describing the 4th area, which is Cicada Marketthe food area called Cicada Cuisine. This is a big area with many food stalls serving Thai and western food. All arranged in such a clean and neat order that even the queen would approve off.  So that even those of you who would not eat food cooked on a street stall anywhere in Thailand can enjoy the food here.






This is where you’ll find lots of Thai food and western food, drinks, beer, fruit shakes and plenty of deserts and ice creams as well as a Banana Roti stall. The sitting area is very pleasant.

  • Note that you have to buy meal tickets first. These can be purchased on site.

Location:  Cicada Market is located next to Hua Hin main street, Phetchkasem Road or Hua Hin Khao Takiab Road. This is the main street Cicada Marketcrossing the town. It divides into two roads at its southern end – one part turns right, going south and the other part (left), leads to Khao Takiab neighborhood. This is where you want to go. Once you passed a sign “Khao Takiab” you’ll have to continue another 500 meters straight ahead and you have arrived at Cicada Market! At the corner you will see a big sign of Hyatt hotel which is located just a few meters from the market.






How to get to Cicada Market: you can take a tuk-tuk or a green van service (Songthaews), from Hua Hin center to Khao Takiab for the cost of 10 Baht per person. The ride takes approx. 5-7 minutes from the center of Hua Hin.

Opening Days:  Cicada Market is open only on weekends – Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Opening Hours:

On Fridays and Saturdays – 16:00 – 23:00.

On Sundays – 16:00 – 22:00

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As always, here is a video I prepared for you in order to give you a taste of Cicada Market – Enjoy!!



Dr. David
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