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The city of Pattaya View Point

by Dr. David

Pattaya View Point, The phrase beautiful from afar – and far from beautiful, fits the city of Pattaya perfectly. From up close, the beaches and streets are hardly pleasing (to say the least), yet from a distance, Pattaya bay is certainly beautiful. This review covers the best observation post in Pattaya, overlooking the entire bay.

Between the city of Pattaya and Jomtien beach, there’s a large hill called Phra Tumnak Hill. In this calm, quiet area you’ll find residence houses, lots of hotels, restaurants, shops and more. You’ll also find here the best view point which provides you with a beautiful overview of Pattaya city and bay.

The Pattaya View Point is rather large and spacious; although it is often packed full of tourists – along with peddlers of all sorts – it doesn’t interfere or prevent visitors from enjoying the beautiful landscape. Most of the tourist groups complete their visit after several minutes, so even if the place is packed full upon your arrival – there’s no need to leave, as in a few minutes some of them will leave, and the atmosphere will be pleasant again.

The observation post features a statue of the admiral prince Abhakara Kiartivongse, the adored son of king Rama 5, who was known as Sadej Tia (the royal father), Doctor Phon or Prince of Chumpon. The admiral prince studied in England and specialized in maritime subjects and naval battles; he is the father and founder of the modern Thai navy. He has also completed his medical studies, and since he is adored by the Thai people, many of the locals come here to pay their respect.

Opposite the Pattaya View Point entrance to the observation area, there’s a small temple called Wat Khao Phra Bat. There are no hermits, but the site is worth a short visit, as it features many beautiful statues.

In conclusion: Phra Tumnak Hi View Point is the best observation point on Pattaya bay and in the city area. Although it is heavily crowded by tourists at certain hours, this is still ‘a must’ for those visiting Pattaya, as it overlooks the spectacular bay view.

My Opinion: Highly recommended!

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