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Pak Chong Area – “Swiss Thailand”

by Dr. David

Pak Chong Area – “Swiss Thailand” ,  Pak Chong is a district of Nakhon Ratchasima province. Pak Chong district is located just north of Khao Yai National Park, near its main gate, (there is another entrance to the park in the south next to Nakhon Nayok).

Pak Chong district includes parts of Khao Yai National Park – the pretty and most famous mountainous national park in Thailand. This region is so awesome it can easily compete with the more familiar mountain areas of northern Thailand.

Although the region is not well known to tourists, once you have visited there, you will understand why it has become one of the most popular holiday places among the local people. The area offers mountains, lakes, rivers, green fields, picturesque farms, cow herds and pretty meadows – all that even before we get to write about the magnificent Khao Yai National Park.

In addition, there are lots grape vines growing in the area and many vineyards producing Thailand’s best wines, plenty of great resorts, good restaurants, many family activities, and great cool weather throughout almost all the year – it is no wonder that the Thai people nick-named this area The Swiss Thailand”.

Activities: Pak Chong area offers plenty of family activities. There are farms where you can ride horses, ATV’s, zip-lines, carting and even a big water park. There is a great maze made of vegetation with little surprises hidden in every corner – which is a great family adventure.

There are many grape vine fields along the way and a few vineyards where you can visit and enjoy a taste of the local wines or a splendid lunch in the picturesque view. In addition, you can rent a bicycle or an ATV and see the area up close.

I can’t mention Pak Chong without telling you about an amazing phenomenon – the bat cave.

A huge colony of millions of bats flies out of a cave located on one of the hills of Pak Chong every evening towards Khao Yai National Park, to enjoy the abundance of fruits on the trees there.

In order to watch this breathtaking phenomenon, you should drive to a certain point in Pak Chong overlooking the cave.

** Watching this amazing phenomenon is included in our quality tour program of Pak Chong area and Khao Yai National Park.

Holiday at Pak Chong: if you are interested in a holiday in this mountainous region – you can enjoy plenty of hotels, guesthouses full of flowers or exclusive resorts. In addition, you may enjoy bicycle riding in the area or simply swim in your hotel’s swimming pool or enjoy the clear mountain air and magnificent view.

In addition, Pak Chong area offers plenty of restaurants and cafés – Thai restaurants as well as western ones, such as Pizza, etc., there are many excellent steakhouses too.

This may surprise you, but the area also offers a unique shopping center designed as a romantic town in Toscana, Italy named Palio Kaho Yai – where you can find lots of shops, cafés, restaurants, etc. The shopping center is very active on weekends and Thai holidays.

Pak Chong town:  the town is the capital of Pak Chong district. You can find relatively cheap hotels and guesthouses there. Anyone who does not have a car, (which is pretty difficult in this region), might find a shuttle to Khao Yai National Park here, however, you should take into consideration that there is no public transportation available in Pak Chong.

There are a few markets open during the evening hours in the town and its night life is pretty vibrant, (but solid); There are restaurants and pubs in which the area’s youth hang out.

Some amazingly pretty neighborhoods have recently been built in Pak Chong. The most famous of them is called Toscana Valley – a lovely neighborhood overlooking Khao Yai National Park.


Pak Chong area is not very familiar with tourists however it is very popular with the Thai people. Its relatively close distance to Bangkok – only 2.5 driving hours – along with its amazing view, turns the area into an ideal target for trips and holidays.

Anyone who thought they have to fly to northern Thailand, (Chang Rai, Pai), for a mountainous holiday is in for a big surprise!! Pak Chong mountains and Khao Yai National Park can easily and successfully compete with any of northern Thailand’s mountain areas.

To those of you interested in travelling to mountain areas and see a more authentic and very pleasant part of Thailand – travelling to Pak Chong and Khao Yai National Park, the most beautiful national park in Thailand – is a winning combination.Swiss Thailand

Personal Note: sometimes tourists find it hard to get to these most wonderful places due to lack of transportation, even when these places are near Bangkok.Swiss Thailand

I have travelled to these places many times and left no stone unturned in order to find the most interesting tourist attractions and the best resorts and restaurants for you with the intention of creating the best tour programs and allow those interested to get to know these charming areas in the best and most convenient way.

  • We intend to publish our quality tour programs of Khao Yai National Park, Pak Chong and Nakhon Nayok and the surrounding area, shortly 

In my opinion the best website for travelling in Thailand is Travelfish. You can find a few articles about Pak Chong there, of which I will quote a short paragraph:  Click on the paragraph to read the full article

After spending some time in Pak Chong and surrounds, it’s not difficult to see why so many Thais are eager to be here. The region is home to splendid mountains, lakes, rivers and waterfalls, picturesque parks and farms, and vineyards that produce some of Thailand’s best wines. The air is cool and comfortable on most days, and there are endless resorts, campsites and activities to keep you occupied. And that’s all before entering Khao Yai, arguably Thailand’s best national park

You can see all these magnificent places and adventures on this short video – Enjoy!!

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