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Vana Nava Water Park – Hua Hin

by Dr. David

Vana Nava Water Park – The Newest and the most elaborate Water Park in Thailand , DSC06034_tnNot so long ago (at the end of 2014) a new Water Park, and the most elaborate one to date, has opened at the Royal Summer resort town of Hua Hin Thailand.

The Vana Nava park joins 2 other new Water Parks located in the area, The Black Mountain Water Park and the Santorini Water Fantasy Park and an abundance of other attractions for youngsters and families in the Hua Hin Area.

The new park – “Vana Nava Jungle Water Park” is located at the heart of Hua Hin, only a few minutes’ drive from the Khao Takiab area, at the south side of the Hua Hin Resort Town.

A short review of the rides at the Vana Nava Water Park:

Abyss – The largest water slide in Thailand, It can hold 6 people simultaneously, it rises to a height of 28 meters and the sliders can reach speeds of up to 45km per hour.

DSC05832_tnKiddie Cove
– An area for toddlers with various rides and 7 water slides, all ending in a toddler-friendly pool.




Vana Nava Falls – The tallest artificial waterfalls in Thailand, they rise to a height of 31 meters.




Boomerango – The longest water slide in Thailand (179 meters). Sliders can reach a speed of 45 kmh and get a hovering sensation before landing in a pool located 20 meters below.


Climbing Wall – A climbing wall 14 meters high.

Rope Course – A challenging, but secure rope course, rises to a height of 14 meters.

Aqua Course – An obstacle course including water cannon fights.

Surf Zone – Water surf in a closed hall (surfing lessons are available on site)

DSC05977_tnLazy River – The longest artificial river in Thailand (345 meters long) where you can enjoy

an air tube trip around the park, through caves and under bridges.







Coconut Beach – The only tide pool (1600 square meters) in Thailand with a real sandy beach. On the beach, for their enjoyment, visitors will find lounge chairs and resting huts.

Rain Fortress – Another area for kids, holding many attractions, 7 slides and a lot of water, including a giant barrel that pours water on the visitors every several minutes.

Slide Jungle – A unique and challenging area that holds a number of breath-taking slides:

Aqua Loop – The only vertical loop slide in Thailand, reaches speeds of 60kmh.

Free Fall – An 18-meter free fall.

Inner-Tube – This slide will take you through dramatic turns and free falls into the pool underneath.

SuperBowl – A slide built on a giant bowl. The centrifugal force will force you into the walls before you land in the pool underneath. (pictured on the left)

Rattler – Riders go through several cylinders, for an exhilarating and unique experience.

Master Blaster – This slide gives the term “Gravitational Force” a new dimension.

All through the Vana Nava park, visitors can enjoy an abundance of restaurants, coffee shops and food and beverages stalls, perfect for parents enjoying their leisure time.

There are also state of the art electronic lockers and a towel lending options on site.

We recommend visiting the Vana Nava Park’s website for info regarding various evening activities

Working Hours: Weekdays from 10 in the morning till 6 in the evening and on weekend till 9 in the evening.

Prices: Adults – 1000 Baht / Children (Under 120cm high) – 600 Baht

When entering the park, each visitor will receive a “Watch-like” band to wear on the arm.

The band can be charged with park credits that will be used for all the activities inside the park. The so called “Watch” will also allow you to take on site photos which can then be uploaded to the internet or printed locally.

In conclusion: This new water park – Vana Nava, joins a plethora of attractions for all ages in the Royal summer resort town of Hua Hin, and serves as another good reason to choose this fine resort town as the location for the next family vacation.

Beyond a close and convenient location of the park, the abundance of activities both challenging and toddler appropriate, together with dozens of restaurants and coffee shops, lockers and more, make this, a perfect choice for a full day of fun!

As usual in our Thailand Travel Guide , a video containing many photos and clips from the park, including a first person perspective of the rides, using a GoPro Camera. Enjoy!



Dr. David
Thailand-Expert : Thailand Travel Guide
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