Wat Lokaya Sutha
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Ayutthaya – Wat Lokaya Sutha

by Dr. David

Despite its closeness to the king’s palace, not too many people know about Wat Lokaya Sutha, but the assumption is that it was important in the past due to its location.

Lokaya Sutha temple has been massively destroyed and the only attraction there is a giant, reclining Buddha statue, called Phra Buddha Sai Yat. The statue is about 40 meters long and 8 meters tall; its head rests on a lotus flower and its toes are all in the same length. The statue is hinged to the north/south with its head-turning west. The arm that supports the head is straight rather than folded, as was accustomed in the earlier times of Ayutthaya – which indicates that the statue was created sometime in the middle of the Ayutthaya period (the 17th century).

The statue is made of bricks covered in plaster and it was restored a few times in the past. Sometimes it is wrapped in orange fabric, but during my visits to the place, in several cases, there was no fabric at all. In the statue’s front, there’s a place for visitors to light candles and incense, or bring flowers as an offering.

The access to the site is through a small alley, where you can park right in front of the statue. You’ll also find here a few souvenir shops and some kiosks.

My Opinion:  The only attraction here is the giant, reclining Buddha statue and the visit is usually very short, so you can stop by to see the impressive statue and take some pictures as a souvenir. 

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