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The Bangkok BRT – New, Modern Bus Line

by Dr. David

Transportation in Bangkok ,  The Bangkok BRT – New, Modern Bus Line

The BRT (bus rapid transit) was launched in 2010. It consists of modern, up-to-date busses which run through an exclusive, designated route and are thus unaffected by rush hours and traffic jams.

The company that operates the BRT is the same one which operates the BTS Skytrain, so if you have a SmartPass, you can use it here as well.  The rides cost 10 baht throughout the route.

The BRT line begins its journey at Sathorn, where is connects – through a beautiful little bridge – to the Chong Nonsi Skytrain station – at Narathiwat/Sathorn intersection (which is known as Bangkok’s Wall Street) – the business hub of Bangkok. From there, the BRT line continues through Narathiwat road to RAMA 3 road by the river. Next, it passes under the huge, spectacular Bhumibol bridge which is followed by the impressive Rama 9 bridge. Then, the BRT goes up the ramp of Rama 3 bridge and crosses the river until it reaches its last stop, next to the Wongwian Yai Plaza, and right by Tha Phra – The Mall Shopping Center.

Since the BRT line runs through its own exclusive route at the center of the road, its stops are located on a bridge – as you can see in the picture.

Throughout its route, the line passes through residential neighborhoods in areas of the city that are unknown to tourists (and thus have not been visited by them). However, since it runs alongside the river, and goes up to one of the biggest bridges in the city – the view you can see during your ride, simply by looking outside the window, is absolutely beautiful. In a separate article (to be posted shortly), I’ll present you with an offer for an easy, simple and independent tour – which combines the BTS and BRT. Such a ride will allow you to sit back and relax in an air-conditioned journey to discover the parts of the city that are unknown to tourists.Modern Bus Line

Of course, the BRT line can take you to more familiar tourist attractions and famous sites such as the Tawandaeng German Brewery, highly recommended riverside restaurants (Good View and Baan Klang Nam 2), Wat Pariwat (David Beckham temple), the lovely Buddha Dharma Relics Museum, Tha Pra – The Mall Shopping Center (where you won’t find a single tourist) and more.

For your convenience – I’m attaching a link to an active Google map which includes the BRT line, as well as some of the attractions that are marked along its route.

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