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How to choose a hotel in Bangkok? A guide for choosing a hotel in Bangkok.

by Dr. David

How to choose a hotel in Bangkok? A guide for choosing a hotel in Bangkok. Bangkok is an incredibly large city with a vast variety of points of interests and attractions located all around town as well as an immense collection of hotels of all kinds and sorts. This mighty collection along with the big spread of the points of interests causes confusion and difficulty when choosing the best location to stay in while visiting Bangkok. Another thing that leads to difficulty when choosing is the fact that it’s not composed of ‘black’ and ‘white’ – every place has its advantages and disadvantages – which leads to immense difficulty when making a decision as a first-time visitor.

In order to choose the correct hotel – first you must choose the place in Bangkok in which you wish to stay – and then choosing the hotel would be a very easy task. The area of the hotel has a lot of influence on maximizing enjoyment and time while visiting Bangkok. Don’t forget that the location is important not just during the day (it is used as the base for leaving and returning to tours, touring sites, shopping and so on) but also when the sun sets – when the touring sites and malls are already closed.

The importance of the hotel during the day – in light of the large size of Bangkok and the spread of the different attractions inside it – transportation from the hotel area and towards it is incredibly significant! The worse the location transportation-wise – the more time you’ll waste in traffic (via cab) and the less chances you’ll have to get to the hotel to relax, freshen up and store the products you’ve bought. This leads to pointless walking outside the hotel most of the hours of the day and the evening, often holding many shopping bags – something that would diminish the enjoyable experience of visiting Bangkok. All of these things gain immense significance when it is done by families with children.

In this aspect – the Skytrain and Subway lines offer the best solutions. You could arrive at anywhere on the line easily, with great comfort and in short time – unaffected by traffic anytime (until midnight). The trains are modern, very clean, air-conditioned and comfortable. The time saved by travelling in train compared to being stuck in traffic is huge. Therefore staying in a hotel that is nearby to one of the train lines is a great advantage in mobility and time-saving. Those same train lines connect between them along with other transportation like river boats, bus lines, vans and so on.

Read more about ==> different transportation in Bangkok.

The importance of the hotel during the evening/night – eventually, you’ve reached the hotel around the relatively early evening hours. The malls are closed, areas that were very crowded and active during the day now do not have a single person in them. There are two options:

  1. The vicinity of the hotel that was active during the day – is now a bit empty and kind of dark. Nowhere to go on foot – you need to take a taxi somewhere. The tourists that planned every detail during the day, did not always plan the evening and don’t know where to go. They might also feel uncomfortable in the empty, dark and unfamiliar surroundings.
  2. The vicinity of the hotel is active and lighted up even during the evening and the night – restaurants, stands, stores, pubs, and massage parlors and so on – everything is open and active. No need for taxi and no need to go anywhere. It is possible to walk around in the entire area and enjoy a variety of things to do. Even if you drove somewhere in the evening (market, a show) – you go back to a lighted up and lively place.

In the following articles you’ll find a review of the toured areas of Bangkok and the advantages and disadvantages of each one. However, hotels are spread all around the different Bangkok areas but I’ll focus on the areas popular amongst western tourists. These areas include:

Sukhumvit Street Area (and its continuing parts – Plonchit Street and Rama 1)

Khaosan Valley Area

Silom Street Area

Pratunam Area

Ratchada Pisek Street

Phayathai Street up to Victory Monument

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