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Indoor Activities for Young Kids & Toddlers in Bangkok

by Dr. David

Indoor Activities for Young Kids & Toddlers in Bangkok , In recent years, Thailand has become a very attractive destination for families with kids in all age groups. I’ve decided to give the children the respect they deserve, and dedicate them an entire chapter on the website, filled with updated, high quality information.

On the website, you will already find articles about places such as the “KidZania” – the new kids’ city, “Flow House” indoor wave surfing, Karting and more.

This time, I decided to pay special attention to the youngest kids and toddlers (from 6 months and older). This article will highlight selected Bangkok places that were created especially for kids and toddlers, where you can spend hours of fun, in a designated, indoors, air-conditioned location.

Bangkok is a huge, bubbly and lively city, but visiting it requires careful planning, as a bad plan can turn the potentially pleasant experience into an ongoing nightmare. Therefore, it is important that you give your visit to Bangkok the proper attention!

Believe me when say that even the strongest of men will crack under the burden of walking for over an hour in the hot and humid weather of the King’s Palace and such, let alone kids, especially the younger ones. I can guarantee you, they will not enjoy strolling the markets and buying knick-knacks…

For your sake and theirs’, I’ve gathered here a few places of fun and games that were made especially for this purpose. These are high quality, indoor, air-conditioned and conveniently located places in the city center. I did my best to find places that are close other attractions, so that you’ll have the option to split the family/group if you wish to do so.

Playtime – an activities and games site for toddlers aged 6 months and older. The place contains many facilities, a small skating ring, slides and zip-lines, electric bikes, drawing and cooking areas and more. It also has an in-house restaurant.

Activity Hours: Every day between 8:30 AM to 8:30 PM.

Location: In a small shopping center called – “Park Lane” on Sukhumvit Soi Street 63, (Ekamai) opposite Ekamai Soi No. 2

Transportation: In a Taxi or through the Train (BTS) to Ekamai station and from there, about 500 meters on the left sidewalk.

No other attractions worth mentioning were found in the area.

Funarium: a rather similar attraction to PlayTime

Activity Hours: Every day from 9 AM to 7 PM

Location: Sukhumvit Soi Street 26, behind the Big C Rama 4 and a small shopping center called K Village.

Transportation: There is no train station within a reasonable walking distance. Take a Taxi to the location, or a Train to Phrom Phong station, and from there a Taxi, for a brief 3 minutes’ ride.

In the close vicinity you’ll find the luxurious shopping center Emporium, the small shopping center K Village, Flow House – indoor wave surfing and a good, decent massage parlor called – Yunomori


Fun Planet

While the two previous locations are very similar in their nature, this is a completely different experience, with lots of electronics, computerized games etc.

Activity Hours: Every day from 10 AM to 10 PM.

Location: the new, huge shopping center – Central Plaza Rama 9 (7th floor)

Transportation: this is the easiest venue to reach – take the underground train (MRT) to Phra Ram 9 station, just 2 stops away from Sukhumvit. There is an exit right from the train into the shopping center (Exit No. 2)

The shopping center itself is huge, with an abundance of shops, restaurants etc. Here you will also find the largest skating ring in Thailand, as well as Bowling and more. Fortune Town – the best computers and gadgets mall in Bangkok In my opinion – is located opposite of the site.Indoor Activities for Young Kids

In Conclusion:

I tried to find out which attraction of the first two – the Playtime and Funarium – is more popular among kids. I spoke to the 5-year-old son of a friends who preferred the PlayTime (because of the Zip-Line), and also asked a kindergarten teacher who works in an international kindergarten in Bangkok for her opinion. She also told me the children prefer Playtime, because of the sand box.Indoor Activities for Young Kids

These 3 venues will provide you and your children with hours of fun and games. I suggest you consider the little ones’ needs and instead of dragging them through the hot, humid markets and crowded shops, take them to one of these places where they -and you- can have some fun!

In the clip below, you can see all 3 locations in detail, and I suggest you visit them all, just don’t forget to tell me how it went…

I wish you and your kids many hours of fun and games!!!


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