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Bangkok Doll Museum

by Dr. David

In a small alley at Din Daeng area, in the center of Bangkok, lies a humble, unique museum –  Bangkok Doll Museum, which was established at 1956, by Mrs. Tongkorn Chandavimol, a renowned doll maker who has learned and trained in the art of puppet making in Japan.

The museum has a collection of more than 400 Thai handmade dolls with spectacular outfits and colorful dresses, in which every pattern and detail is taken into consideration. The museum is known worldwide and even won several international awards in various displays across the globe.

Although most of the display is dedicated to traditionally dressed dolls, which represent the Thai countryside and the local folklore, you’ll also find here dolls which represent other nations’ folklore and culture – including central Europe, Russia, Greece and more.

One of the most prominent displays here includes characters which represent the Khon Dance Drama – an ancient royal opera which unfolds the heroic tales of kings, and was traditionally performed by men in masks accompanied by a speaking choir, back in the old times.

The doll museum is small and humble, and also functions as a gallery and workshop which is dedicated to producing the unique dolls. Despite its humble appearance – the place probably inspires the doll collections you will find in the tourist souvenir shops all across Thailand.

The doll museum is also a shop – as you can buy one or multiple dolls from the vast collection offered in the place. The prices are certainly reasonable and personally, I think that a doll could be a great souvenir from your trip to Thailand, or a special gift for your loved one back home.

Opening Hours – 8:00 – 17:00 daily, other than Sundays and holidays.

Directions – that’s the tricky part! Although the doll museum is located in the center of Bangkok, at Din Daeng, very close to Pratunam and Makkasan – I cannot quite explain to you how to get there. The museum is in a small alley called soi Mo Leng and you can find it in a map on one of the websites, but I doubt that it would be much of a help.

The only possible way is using the Thai title and address along with the museum phone number – as the lady can explain your taxi driver how to get there. Simply show him this: บ้านตุ๊กตาบางกอกดอลล์ Ban Tukkata Bangkok Don.

As always – I’m attaching a clip with pictures of the place.


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