Transportation in Bangkok
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Transportation in Bangkok

by Dr. David

Transportation in Bangkok is a huge city, which seems very complicated to those who don’t know it well. Despite its huge size and crowded population – particularly in certain areas – moving and traveling across the city is relatively easy, thanks to the wide variety of local transportation means.

In this section, you will find detailed information on Bangkok Skytrain and subway, the modern busses, taxis, boats, Tuk-tuks or ‘sam lor’, which will allow you to get around Bangkok and discover the different attractions across the city.

Airport Rail Link – the Train line from the Airport to Downtown Bangkok

A short review of the new train line

BTS Skytrain – General information

The Skytrain is one of the main transportation means in Bangkok. It is air-conditioned, spotless and highly efficient, serving millions of passengers every single day.

Buying Tickets for Bangkok BTS Skytrain

Using the Skytrain is very simple. For those of you who visit Bangkok/take the Skytrain for the first time, I’ve prepared the following detailed explanation which will help you travel using the Skytrain, while saving precious time. Those who took it before can also use the information and probably learn a thing or two. Transportation in Bangkok

Entering and Exiting the BTS Skytrain Station

After buying tickets (for a single journey / a rechargeable SmartPass), you can pass through the designated (automatic) gates. The entrance / exit gates are located at the same place yet marked differently. At the entrance gate you’ll see a green lit arrow, and at the exit only gate you’ll see a red lit X sign.

Taking the MRT (Underground)

Although it is unknown to many tourists, the MRT offers the most effective and convenient way to get to the weekend market.

Bangkok public river boats – Chao Praya Express Boats

The public river boats offer a great means of transportation inside the city, without being dependent on the heavy traffic or having to worry about traffic jams. Here you will find useful explanations which will help you find your way around the different boat types, lines and piers.

The Bangkok BRT – New, Modern Bus Line

The BRT consists of modern, up-to-date busses which run through an exclusive, designated route and are thus unaffected by rush hours and traffic jams.

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