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Bang Nampeung –The Floating Market in Bangkok – Directions and Tips

by Dr. David

Bang Nampeung –The Floating Market in Bangkok – Directions and Tips ,  Up until recent years, the vast majority of tourists and even foreigners who live in Bangkok, didn’t know there is a big floating market, which is highly popular among Thai people, open on weekends only and located at the heart of Bangkok, in an area titled Bang Krajao, also known as Bangkok’s Green Lung.

In formal and municipal terms, Bang Krajao belongs to Samut Prakan district, and specifically, to the Phra Pradaeng sub-district. It is located in a tongue-shaped area which was created by the river twist, and reaches very close to the center of Bangkok, only a few minutes’ ride from sukhumvit asoke intersection (as you can see in the attached maps).

Bang Krajao is a place where nature is nurtured and legally protected. There are strict laws prohibiting the construction and built-up in the area, in order to maintain it as Bangkok’s pastoral green lung. The place is a wonderful oasis which blossoms at the heart of the distinctly different city of Bangkok. The gigantic, busy and crowded metropolis is filled with crowded buildings and skyscrapers, and Bang Krajao offers the complete opposite; its scenery includes small villages, lush parks and green gardens, and also the completely authentic floating market titled Bang Nampeung.

Before you head to check the directions, I recommend reading the articles I have posted on this website reviewing both Bang Krajao and Bang Nampeung

Independent arrival to the area

In order to get to Bang Krajao, you must cross the river. You can get to the area by taking a car, a boat or a fairy which allows you to transfer cars and motorcycles (Bang Na Pier). However, in this article, I’d like to present two suitable options for tourists: either by car (possibly a taxi) or by taking a boat (Klong Toei Pier).

Getting there by car: as you can see on the map, you can get to the area by car (behold the yellow line). If you are standing at sukhumvit asoke intersection – take a taxi heading south (Queen Sirikit Convention Center and Rama 4 street).

The taxi will drive on Rachada Pisek (which is the continuation of asoke street), take the exit and go up the ramp (above the intersection of #4 Rama street) and will then cross railway tracks. It will arrive at a market place (Klong Toei), and then pass by an almost unnoticeable traffic light for pedestrians and an intersection with traffic lights (Nang Linchi).

After you’ve crossed the intersection, you’ll have to take another exit and go up another ramp (Naratiwat street), after which you’ll see yet another exit with a ramp. This time – do not take the exit, but rather continue driving with the ramp to your right, until you’ve reached the first right turn with a traffic light – right under the aforementioned ramp. Take this right turn and you’ll reach the entrance to Bhumibol Bridge which will get you across the river.

The bridge is very long since it crosses the river twice, but you should take the exit at its middle – to Suksawat street. There, take the left turn, and hundreds of meters later, on the Major complex junction, turn left again, pass by Phra Pradaeng neighborhood, and you will reach your destination.

The ride from sukhumvit asoke intersection to the bridge should take you no more than 10 minutes and once you’re on the bridge, you’ll have a 10 minutes’ ride (more or less) to the floating market location. The bridge is very high and allows you to enjoy the wonderful view around you as you drive along – you can see both Bangkok’s skyscrapers and the pastoral Bang Krajao.


Crossing the river by boat

You can easily get to Bang Krajao by crossing the river in a boat, which will bring you to the area. There, take a Tuk-Tuk taxi which will await at the other river side, and can take you anywhere in the area.

On this side of the river, there’s a very limited number of passage way, and you should be well acquainted with the riverside to find the passage – and here you will find the explanation. As you can see on the map to the left – you should reach the Klong Toei pier and cross there.

Klong Toei pier: the pier is located at the very center of Bangkok, right next to Rama 4 street. The pier resides by a temple, so that you should enter the alley in the temple which will lead you to the pier. There, you’ll find boats taking passengers to the opposite pier (of Bang Krajao). It will cost you just 5 Baht to take a boat with other passengers and get to the other side; if you prefer a private boat, it’ll cost you 20 baht.

Once you get off at the other side of the river, you’ll see a Tuk-Tuk taxi which will take you on a short ride to wherever you want (floating market, park etc). You can also rent a bicycle, which will cost you some 50 Baht for day, and independently explore the area.  To get back, simply use the same way – to Bang Krajao pier and from there back to Klong Toei pier, where a taxi will take you wherever you may need.

You can easily enhance your Bang Krajao experience by adding K Village and the “Flow House” closed hall wave surfing, attractions that are very close to Klong Toei pier. Floating Market Bangkok

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