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Bangkok Choosing Your Hotel – a few words on advice

by Dr. David

Bangkok Choosing Your Hotel – a few words on advice

  • The price of a standard hotel room is determined according to 2 main factors: the quality (level) of the hotel and its location. In Bangkok, due to massive traffic jams in certain places, the location has tremendous effect on the hotel room’s price. Massive sales and huge discounts are mostly good for marketing purposes but in reality – a cheaper room usually means a lower quality of hotel or a worse location.
  • Most hotels in Bangkok, even the simpler, humble ones, are usually neat and clean, so when in Bangkok, you should consider location first and quality second. Given the same budget, you should pick a hotel of slightly lower quality if it’s in a better location, and offers similar prices. The location of your hotel will be the most influential on your visit to Bangkok, as a good location will enable you to get to the hotel a few times during the day, get some rest and refreshment, gather your strengths and then get out again. However, a poor location will result in you wondering around the city all day, sweaty and with your hands full, so you’ll arrive at the hotel exhausted just to spend the night.
  • When it comes to the pictures some hotels present online – particularly cheap ones – treat them with suspicion as sometimes they have nothing to do with reality.
  • When it comes to the maps some hotels present online – also treat them with suspicion as sometimes their proportions are way off; they are distorted and far from reality.
  • The hotels are usually located in streets/alleys (known as soi) that branch out from the main roads. These soi can be 1 km and longer, so make sure to carefully check the hotel location – considering the main road where the Skytrain passes (for instance Sukhumvit).
  • There are several common phenomena among some of the tourists who return from Bangkok (I’ll cover it in further detail in one of my future articles) – one of those is the “price shrinking syndrome” (The shirt that cost them 250 baht at the market suddenly changes its price to 150 baht in their later reports). Similarly, they may display the “time shrinking syndrome” – reporting the irrationally short time it took them to walk; considering the distance they crossed, if it was true, they deserve an Olympic medal…

In Bangkok, an attempt to draw conclusions from the city map regarding the expected time it would take you to get from point A to B, may be very frustrating and misleading. The heavy traffic in certain areas, the structure and type of roads and transportation arrangements are far more influential than the distance as it seems on map. Anyone who lives in Bangkok can confirm and vouch for that.


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