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Bangkok Choosing a Hotel – Silom Street

by Dr. David

Bangkok Choosing a Hotel – Silom Street

Silom Street is one of the main and best-known streets in Bangkok. The  street itself and surrounding area are vibrant and active throughout the day and until late at night. A modern and cosmopolitan street, located right in the heart of Bangkok’s business center (together with a street adjacent Sathorn) which, come evening, changes face and becomes a zingy entertainment area that attracts tourists and Thais alike. Like Sukhumvit Street, this street conveniently has a direct Sky Train and subway line, along with additional stations in proximity.

Silom Street extends between Lumpini Park and the Chao Phraya River and is perhaps the street that characterizes and best reflects the face of Bangkok. A combination of luxury hotels aside guest houses, many markets and street stalls, fine restaurants and vibrant nightlife. The most active part of Silom is on the side nearest Rama 4, near the Sky Train. This area is known as the lively and dynamic Patpong area renowned for its nightlife and superb Lalai Sap Market ( “money disappears”). The market is open all day and offers various stalls, plenty of food, and small shopping centers. As I’m short of space in order to write here the vast variety of things Silom and its alleys have to offer, I’ll mention two open bars here that have a fantastic view of Bangkok: The Moon Bar and The Sirocco.

You can read a more detailed description on Silom Street and the surrounding areas in another article on this site.


In conclusion: A highly recommended area for everyone … and for veteran tourist that are used to the Sukhumvit area, I recommend trying to stay in this area for a change.

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